Project Q confirmed: No NFT in Ubisoft’s future MOBA

We talked about it a few days ago, Ubisoft working on a secret project with the code name “Project Q.The latter is no longer so secret today, faced with the revelations ofinsider Tom Hendersonthe studio has decided to play the surprise revelation card by officially revealing their future games. At least in part.

What more do we know about Project Q compared to our latest article on the subject ? Let’s see it together.

“We know, you know …”: an unexpected but honest message from Ubisoft.

What awaits us in Project Q

Still under development and currently in the internal test phase, Project Q will be as planned a Battle Arena-like PvP game. On the other hand, contrary to what the leak suggested, there will be no Battle Royale mode in the game. Here are all the official details in our possession:

  • Project Q is really a code name the game wants an official name still unknown
  • It will be released on the following platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and computer
  • You can sign up at Ubisoft’s website to receive news about the version you are interested in and possibly participate in test phases in the future
  • PvP will be the core of the gameplay, however the “fun” aspect is advanced. We can deduce that the game is not particularly competitive and has no ambitions on the eSports side.
  • No Battle Royale
  • No NFTs

This information already allows us to see the future game from Ubisoft in a little more detail. In the end, there will be no two modes available, but a priori a larger number which Battle Royale will not be a part of. On the other hand, the Battle Arena aspect is broadly advanced, so it is actually in this direction that the game was designed. We have already asked ourselves in our last article: can we really oppose competition for the League of Legends?

As far as the technical aspect is concerned, the promise of a release on all modern media, taking into account PS4 and Xbox One, is a pleasure. That’s left to know if the game will be across platforms, which would be perfect. One can ask the question about the communication around NFT, which comes so quickly in the announcement of the project. The reason is simple: a good portion of society was afraid that “Project Q” would refer to “Quartz Project“, Ubisoft’s Cryptocurrency.

Project “Q” for “Quartz”? According to Ubisoft, no. Pyha.

Ubisoft assures you: no NFT in the game

In the comments to the official tweet we can observe ugreat fear on the part of society : the introduction of NFT in the game A user writes that “Q” could probably stand for “Quartz”, as we had already seen in various discussions about the leaks a few days ago.

In December 2021, Ubisoft announced the Quartz currency and activated it in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The players were very unhappy with that. With “Q” in the code name of the new game, they feared a return of this currency. But the study confirms this:

We have no plans to add NFTs to this game. You can find out more by registering and participating in the next tests!

NFTs in Project Q

You can sign up for these test phases via the link above on the list of official details. In any case, it seems that Project Q is getting clearer, and Ubisoft has decided to do soinvolves your community massively, whether it’s decisions or tests. We can therefore hope for a good PvP game that might allow you to relax between two LoL games!


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