Stade Toulousain uses NFT, what is it?

According to the artists, it is the sports clubs that are being seduced by the NFTs. In France, in addition to the Sedan (Ardennes) football club, Stade Toulousain was convinced by this new form of financing, as it announced on Monday 9 May.

NFTs, for “non-fungible token” or “non-exchangeable tokens “in French, is actually a cryptocurrency. In fact, an NFT in the form of a digital certificate is tamper-proof, which guarantees the unique appearance of your property. In fact, it could be a photograph, a digitized painting, a video or even a sports celebrity card, as suggested by a French startup, Sorare, who wants to be inspired by Panini stickers for footballers.

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The equivalent on the rugby side does not yet exist, but some Stade Toulousain players like Antoine Dupont already have an NFT carrying their image in circulation on other platforms. With Arianee, it’s now the turn of the famous Toulouse rugby club to convert to this new technology.

Free NFTs and then higher NFTs

In the coming days, the sports club will thus put 18,754 NFT into circulation, the number of seats at the Stade Ernest-Wallon in Toulouse, the red and black cave. And this for free.

“The will be distributed to subscribers, then totogetherthat followers and this in an extreme sIpmIand. Thanks to Arianee technology, users simply need to click on a link Where of to scan -one QR the meat broadcast to that Community, but also in that stadium to I’apartmentIohdoes not the reception of Biarritz Olympique for the final match of the season firmliera ”, Arianee and Stade Toulousain explain in a joint press release.

This first wave of NFTs offered by the club will then make it possible to hope to get one or more “Premium NFTs” out of the 1,907 (date of creation of the club) that will be put into circulation. “These Premium NFTs are available in three ways: 15% of them for free, by lottery, 40% sold at a price of 30 euros including tax, 40% sold in cryptocurrency at a price of 0.015 ETH. The remaining 5% are inaccessible because they are reserved for players, partners and actors association“, the duo continues. For fans, having an NFT Premium will give them certain benefits such as access to certain products or personal experiences such as meetings with players from Stade Toulousain or privileged access on match days.

“USisyou in the nature of the Stade Toulousain êyourand precursor and opengo the road. Web3 (decentralized internet, editor’s note) raises many questions and this first experiment go we to permit learnand to of does not does notmiss this revolution mineIeur. USisyou why we thought of a complete system, accessible to all and with very high added value for ours supportyouers “, comments Didier Lacroix.

New source of income

In addition to offering a new experience to its fans, Stade Toulousain has, above all, a financial interest in introducing NFTs. Their sales and the potential auctions around these digital tokens will generate revenue and thus revenue for this institution. athletic. The whole point of this experiment, the duration of which has not been specified by the main characters, is to validate the new economic model for this technology as well as to verify the attraction of fans.

Stade Toulousain sees in this first experimentapartmentIohdoes not unique to create tomorrow’s fan experiences and haveffirmr his ambition for the future of innsoften-oneyouohdoes not and its model frugalIit “, confirms without detour Arianee and Stade Toulousain.

This is not the first time that the sports club, which is still in the running for a new title as European Champion, has explored its community of followers to innovate in its sources of revenue. At the height of the health crisis, which generated a sudden stop in the revenue for the club, the Stade Toulousain erected a “retaining wall”. the principle? Buy a brick engraved with his name for a minimum amount of 30 euros to build a giant wall at the Stade Ernest Wallon. Dom? Nearly 30,000 sold bricks and millions of euros in turnover to the rugby club Toulouse. In a dematerialized way, the next NFTs from Stade Toulousain take up this concept. In addition, the club, which is preparing a recapitalization, does not close the door on the emergence of socios, ie supporters who are shareholders in the club.

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