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Lee Ufan and Arles

Lee Ufan Julie Joubert

Double news for Lee Ufan, who lives in Arles while living in the times, an artist with a very specific relationship to space and light. It’s worth a walk in Alyscamps, Arles’ necropolis in late antiquity, where the Korean artist composed Requiem, an installation of 13 works (in the form of a tribute to Boltanski or a green tear on a stained glass window …), which magically resonates in this city of the dead. We must continue the journey with Lee Ufan Arles, the foundation that opened on April 15 in the heart of the Vernon Hotel, a 17th-century building, under the great protection of Antonin-Le-Pieux, whose sculptural head was discovered during the renovation. working. Designed with the help of architect Tadao Ando and designer Constance Guisset, Lee Ufan Arles shows all facets of his work through sculptures, installations and paintings. A moving variation over time.

Requiem at Alyscamps, curated by Alfred Pacquement, Arles until September 22, 2022

Lee Ufan Arles, Hotel Vernon, Arles

LUMA, the new programming

Luma Iwan Baan

With 400,000 visitors since July, LUMA continues its interdisciplinary program open to social issues. Alongside the renewed Maja Hoffmann / LUMA group exhibitions, featuring works by Tacita Dean, Olafur Eliasson, Sigmar Polke, Cyprien Gaillard and Rachel Rose, two new exhibitions have just opened. One is dedicated to the Native American artist Sky Hopinka (the first in France) and his photographic and video work, which through his reflections on territory and landscape develops a native aesthetic. The other is dedicated to the American Arthur Jafa, whose work using video, music, sculpture and sound explores black American culture. Spread over two rooms, the Grande Halle and the Mécanique Générale, this spectacular exhibition reveals the radical nature of its purpose. Masterful.

LUMA, Parc des Ateliers, 35 avenue Victor Hugo

Circulation (s), photo festival

Circulation (s), a festival of young European photography, takes up residence in CENQUATRE-Paris. For the 2022 edition, this eleventh edition focuses on the Armenian scene. Led by the Fetart Collective, made up of ten curators led by Régine Hatchondo, the festival aims to promote new photographers and question the boundaries between photography and contemporary art. Over more than 2,000 square meters, works by 30 artists of 15 different nationalities will be displayed, including Romain Bagnard (France), Lotta Blomberg (Finland), Rafael Heygster (Germany), Michalina KacPerak (Poland) … In addition to portfolio readings, several events: Small edition (s) a scenography is adapted for the little ones, Edition (s) for teenagers, a course for 11/15 year olds, as well as photo studios where you can have your portrait taken (from 59 euros) by photo benefits.

Circulation (s), 104, until 29 May.

NFT gold mineguide

NFT Goldmine, crypto art players Press office

What are NFTs? In addition to the English acronym of “non fungible token”, the book, written by Sophie Lanoë, cultural strategy consultant, and Olivier Lerner, senior reporter, explains this technology, which makes it possible to sell or buy digital objects stored on a blockchain, this decentralized and secure information storage and distribution network. After reading it, you will know how to speak NFT, and will know the terms of “metavers”, “cryptobros”, “Ethereum” or “mining”. You will be part of the club of celebrities who have converted to it (Justin Bieber, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon Paris Hilton …), will know how to invest and know the risks. On the way to Web3!

NFT Goldmine, crypto art playersSophie Lanoë and Olivier Lerner

carpet community beautiful book very decorative

Carpet community Press office

What do they have in common, these magnificent salons, these secret spaces, these mysterious alcoves? Or these palaces, these mansions, these places of power that we discover across the pages? Their floor, an essential decorative element, the quintessence of decorative art. Starting with the floor is Madeleine Castaing’s magical recipe with her leopard pattern. Other decorators such as Jacques Grange, Henri Samuel or Roberto Peregalli followed suit with foliage, Scottish, neo-Egyptian, graphic patterns, bouquets of flowers … Carpet community tells a very French story, a mixture of taste and style, with a word of elegance, the Codimat House (an acronym for Comptoir de Distribution des Manufactures de Tapis), an address that has been exchanged as a secret since 1953 by the club of great decorators. For decoration freaks.

Carpet community. Codimat, a story with decorative floors. Text by Frédéric Ruaz. Editions Taillandier

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