this terrible accident that almost cost them their lives

Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan were an emblematic couple from the 70s. To say that they almost came close to death on the road to Besançon. In fact, the Taulier drove and lost control of his car in a turn. It ended up in the ditch. An accident that could have turned into a tragedy. We’ll tell you the scene.

Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan: luck was on their side that day

Johnny Hallyday was a seducer. All the women were in love with his rocker side and his charisma. It’s actually not for nothing that he married five times, including twice to Adeline Blondieau in 1990 and 1994! When we love, we do not count! After the actress for Under the Sun, he met the actress Nathalie Baye, and they had Laura. As you know, his last wife was Laeticia Hallyday. It is the love story that lasted the longest for the Taulier and that followed him until the end of his life. She was 30 years younger than him, and together they adopted two little Vietnamese girls.

But we can not talk about Johnny Hallyday’s romantic relationship without mentioning his first big love story with the famous Sylvie Vartan in the famous yé-yé period. The two artists met at Olympia in 1962, and they married on April 12, 1965. Together they had a son, David. During their relationship, rumors arose about an affair he had with Catherine Deneuve, but Sylvie Vartan always contradicted the statements.

A drama for the leading couple of the yéyé period

That Johnny had one crushfor Catherine and vice versa, when they filmed Les Parisiennes, nothing is unlikely. They were beautiful and young”Johnny Hallyday’s first wife declared to our colleagues from Parisian. The divorce of Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan was announced on November 5, 1980, twelve years after the arrival of their sons, David Hallyday. Their relationship was not a long calm river. There were actually ups and downs, breaks and reunions. What is certain is that a drama bound them forever. This is the famous day when the couple had a car accident in the 70s …

Sylvie Vartan is lucky to be alive

This is not the first time that Sylvie Vartan has almost lost her life on the road. She had already had a car accident with her best friend Mercedes Calmel Mendès in 1968. And the story repeated itself on February 20, 1970 with Johnny Hallyday. The latter drove in a Citroën DS 21 Pallas to take to Besançon. The couple was not alone as there were three other passengers. Arriving near the driveway to the village of Roppe, the vehicle slipped in a turn and ended up in a ditch. The teen idol got a broken nose and a broken passenger leg. But for Sylvie Vartan, the situation was more dramatic. In fact, she was seriously injured because she crashed into the windshield with her face.

Johnny Hallyday’s former companion has been completely disfigured. For six months, she underwent many cosmetic surgeries in the United States. Luckily she could find her face, but that was not the most important thing for her. Here’s what she said in the ether of RTL : “Honestly, I recognized myself. I was not so messed up. Well, I had scars, yes, but that was normal. Over time, they faded a bit. But I was so happy to be alivebecause I had a baby, I had people who loved me and it was first and foremost a priority. It should be aliveShe says gratefully for life. We can say that she and Johnny Hallyday were very lucky, but they never forgot this accident.

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