A woman is advised by her relatives to divorce her child with a black man and refuses to listen to them

A British couple has had a story that could compare to the greatest romance novels ever written. Their story brought people to tears all over the world and showed love in its most genuine form.

A handsome black man arrived in the United Kingdom (UK) from Dominica and sought better opportunities for himself in the 1950s, after the motherland opened its doors to the colony.

But the world was different then, and his skin color proved to be problematic when he met a beautiful white woman at work who took his breath away.


Britain has a long history of racial mixing, with immigrant men mating with British women. But these couples faced serious prejudices.

Women were branded as lower class and immoral, and their children of mixed race were also discriminated against. Yet many people try their luck in interracial relationships.

Grab your tissues and prepare to have your heart melted and broken by Doreen and Andrew Augustus, an interracial couple who fell in love and held together for over 50 years despite racism and adversity.

Doreen and Andrew Augustus on a date. | Source: youtube.com/Channel 4


The couple met while working together on Selfridges in 1956, and it did not take long before the romance began. An overjoyed Andrew remembers Doreen’s beautiful wavy hair and he says she looked like a model.

He fell in love with her during their first week together, and she quickly became just as fascinated by him. When they went out together in public places, people stared at them, and their devotion often became a spectacle.

Andrew revealed:

“People looked at us and said, look, look, they are holding each other’s hand and look, look, he’s kissing her.”

And young Doreen Augustus. | Source: youtube.com/Channel 4


Like a black man from a colonized country, Andrew was not the type of man Doreen’s parents expected her to take homeso she kept their relationship private.

They knew their skin color could be a cause for concern, but they did not realize the full significance of it until Doreen became pregnant after six months of dating.

Doreen Augustus with her baby. | Source: youtube.com/Channel 4


Chaos broke out when Doreen’s mother heard about the baby and her sister pressured her to give the baby away. According to Andrew, the sister said: “One could give the child away and pretend that nothing happened.”

Despite intense emotions and family pressure, Doreen decided to keep the child and start a family with Andrew. He shared:

“After the baby was born, the mother decided she could not do anything about it. We were not going to divorce.”

Doreen Augustus with her child. | Source: youtube.com/Channel 4


Building a life together was not easy, and the couple struggled to make ends meet when Doreen could no longer work. No one seemed to want to take care of the mixed kids, so Doreen was forced to stay home.

They took on these challenges and more, side by side, and when they knew the road would not be easy, they became husband and wife.

Doreen and Andrew Augustus. | Source: youtube.com/Channel 4


Chris, Doreen and Andrew’s son remembered that his parents were often the only mixed couple at school events, and when their family tried to take a cruise on the Thames, their presence was unwelcome.

Chris says:

“There was a small scene. Dad had a fight because the captain of the boat was not very happy because they were a mixed couple.”

Doreen and Andrew never let sarcastic comments get to them. Instead, they focused on cultivating love and acceptance in their homes.

Doreen Augustus and her son. | Source: youtube.com/Channel 4


When Doreen was 80, she was facing serious health problems after doctors discovered a murmur in her heart. She underwent surgery and Andrew painfully told that she was not as happy as before after the procedure.

During Doreen’s health problems, he stood by her side and vowed never to send her to a nursing home or let her down – Andrew kept his word.

Andrew Augustus is sitting in front of his wife’s hospital bed. | Source: youtube.com/Channel 4


The old man said he was giving his beloved Doreen four spoonfuls of porridge in her hospital bed when she suddenly opened her eyes and stared at him. He said :

“She opened both eyes, looked at me, then closed them, and she left. I held her hands.”

It seems like Doreen wanted to see the love of her life one last time before she diedand it is a moment that Andrew will cherish forever in his heart.

Andrew Augustus holds the hand of his sick wife. | Source: youtube.com/Channel 4


In an emotionally charged video, he held her hand and made sure she was warm. Unfortunately, Doreen died in 2017, however Andrew remembered their precious last moment together.

Andrew was crushed after Doreen’s death, and he missed her more and more for every moment. The heartbroken widower expressed:

“I was sad and very lonely. So she left.”

His own story continued not long after his wife died when Andrew died a year later, in 2018, to find the love of his life again.

Photos by Doreen and Andrew Augustus. | Source: youtube.com/Channel 4


The couple’s love continued in thick and thin, and has passed the test of time. Their brave story has inspired others to reflect on their own experiences of love and loss.

A web user shared:

“I saw this and it made me cry. I was married for 53 years and lost my husband five years ago and it still hurts like it was yesterday.”

The Netizens also applauded Andrew and Doreen for overcoming the hostility and criticism they faced as an interracial couple. They chose each other and created a beautiful life together.

An Internet user aptly said:

“I think very few people in this world are blessed with love like this. Only a few people dare to resist all hatred and belief in love.”

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