after Laurent Ruquier’s fork, Artus leaves the furax set

Some scenarios are quite unthinkable in the TV world. In fact, Artus recently left the stage of the show TV children after a foul by Laurent Ruquier. A crazy sequence experienced live!

Artus, a recognized comedian!

Some personalities seem to have more or less difficulty making themselves known in public. This is the case with Artus, a comedian who has pretty quickly made a name for himself in the world of television, but also in the world of entertainment. The latter is actually known not only for his humor that touches everyone, but also for his numerous appearances in certain TV shows.

Thus, it was possible to see him in the show On Friday, everything is allowed, which goes over Friday night. Program where he again excelled in his humor and his lightness.

The latter is also known for his humor, which allows him to portray many people. But also many situations that guarantee the ritual for all spectators.

Recently, he was talked about during his time on the show TV children, which is a program that has been present for decades in France. And the latter would even have left the show after a joke in bad taste from presenter Laurent Ruquier!

Artus leaves the program Children of TV live!

It’s a sequence that viewers are quite used to.

In fact, it has been possible in the past to see many guests leave the television for various reasons.

Sometimes it was humor, or after a joke in bad taste. Showing then that we did not agree, the latter lived. But sometimes it was possible to see more sensational departures.

Especially when guests are subject to many aspects that can harm them.

But the sequence that happened recently on the set of The kids itélé was quite special and she especially sowed misunderstanding.

In fact, you should know that many people took this sequence badly, which made all of this even more publicized For this you should know that Artus was invited to this show with Bruno Gigliotti, nicknamed Orlando, brother of the singer Dalida, Veronic Dicaire, Amir and Ness.

All this to present his new film in which he plays an important role. This movie is called I love what you do and he was present to ensure the promotion of the latter.

Thus, he had embarked on a demonstration of rap, which had delighted everyone. And Laurent Ruquier would follow up by saying the following: ” I can see you still playing this piece that I’ve never seen, finally. Duels in Davidejonatown“.

But that was when everything changed!

The comedian is leaving the set!

Confronted with this ill-chosen statement on the part of the host, Artus immediately replied the following: ” Town! Town!“.

To highlight his anger over this mistake, which everyone makes when pronouncing this name, he then clarified the following: ” Not once did he put it in me, not once“.

When Laurent Ruquier showed goodwill towards this guest who was getting angry, he wanted to try his luck again. But when he wanted to do well, he again made a mistake with the presentation of this name, which then caused Artus to leave the stage with the show.

The latter actually clarified on his departure the following: Finish your shit show, that’s good“.

The latter was thankfully not serious and he is used to that kind of jokes. Laurent Ruquier, who knows Artus well, immediately understood that the latter was joking.

And it’s a sequence that also got people talking on social networks, especially when internet users had not understood that the latter was laughing. So everything is fine and everyone could laugh out loud during this sequence pushed by Artus.

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