Art, community, luxury, architecture … NFT Paris 2021: a look back at the event

We were at the “NFT Paris” conference at Station F on Saturday, January 22, 2021. Here is our return to the highlights of the event!

Presentation of NFT Paris 2021

January 22, 2021 was held at F-stationthe events “NFT Paris”. This year’s first meeting between amateurs and professionals Non-fungible tokensmany conferences and networking sessions were planned.

During this event, several stands were erected in the large hall at Station F to represent the ecosystem’s major brands, but also new projects. We will, for example. mention Sandbox, Ledger, Rare or Protocol for participation certificate for the best known.

In lesser known projects we notice the presence ofEternal (NFT tattoo), SolidNFT (printing of digital works), The collection (curator of works of art associated with museums) or even screenshot (the studio behind the game Game of Blocks).

All these more or less known actors in the crypto and NFT ecosystem have come to present their project or their latest progress. Among the exhibited works, it was possible to appreciate the works of pascal boyart, hackatao, Rik Oostenbroek or Denis Santelli.

Nakamoto Dollars - 2nd Edition - Nakamoto Dollars by Pascal Boyart |  OpenSea
Dollar Nakamoto by Pascal Boyaryou

The other works came from various collectors or artists ‘collectives’ private collections: Art Point, VerticalCrypto Art, DanPolko, MOCA, The Collection, Rarible, .Gate, Breezy

Throughout the event, several conferences followed one another. Metaverse, art, luxury, video games, PFP, music, copyright or digital identity, the topics were as different as they were different!

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NFT Paris 2021: the morning

NFT Paris 2021 – the morning

The morning was devoted to two main themes: art, digital identity and the use of NFTs in the luxury sector. Here are the different conferences that have shaped us:

The first was the one with Benoit Couty from the Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA), Giulia Archetti from Sotheby’s and the artistic collective Obvious. In summary, the discussions focused on the use of NFTs in the arts sector and how this contributes to creating new communities around the world without a trusted intermediary.

The conference then addressed the issue of digital identity Yen from World of Women, POAPs Luca Verra and Nirmala Shone by The Maker. “How can NFTs create a community’s digital identity? With what tools?”

These questions are asked by the luxury world as well. Nicolas Oudinot from Gucci, Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel from Arianee and Olivier Moingeon of Exclusive discussed the topic: “What kind of NFT for luxury brands?”. What seems to emerge from the discussions is the importance of community, regardless of the project.

To discuss this theme even more in depth, the panel mentioned “Web3’s fate in the hands of communities” brought together several actors from different worlds. Blackpool SAM, Adrien Ohannessian from Rennaissance, Luc Jodan from Arianee and Vladimir Oustinov discussed their respective representations of Web3 mechanisms that are in place in different communities. “What type of e-democracy should be proposed for the management of a project? How do you get users involved in society’s decisions?”

NFT Paris 2021: Afternoon

NFT Paris 2021 – Afternoon

The first excellent conference of the afternoon was that of John Karp from NFT Morningwho asked his community: “What do you think are the three worst PFP projects?”. This allowed him to introduce the concept “WAGMI” (We All Gonna Make It) and return to it. “What makes or fails a project?” Thanks to a series of specially targeted questions, John returned to the mistakes he needed to avoid and also gave some advice on preparing for the launch of his NFT project.

After this, the panel “Play 2 Earn & Metaverse, so what?” chained with Sébastien Borget from The Sandbox, Jérôme from Tessac, Briyan Cessac from Screenshot as well as Max Stockl from Dogami as stakeholders. Several questions were raised in this panel. First of all, it’s about the applicability of NFT in that game. Then those related to the financial balance to have in a Play to Earn game. Ultimately, this concept, although rich with great potential, is still in its infancy, and the arrival of big players like Adidas or Ubisoft has greatly accelerated the adoption process.

The third conference that marked us was the one that stood on “NFTs: Towards democratization of art”. Moderated by Fanny Lakoubaythis question gathered on stage Diane Drubay from AlterHEN, Micol Ap from VerticalCrypto Art, Pierre-Etienne Pommier from Arago and Kate Vass from Kate Vass Galerie. After defining what democratization is thanks to the Cambridge Dictionary, the discussions focused on how artists can enter the NFT space, even if they do not develop in the art market in the beginning.

What to conclude from this day?

The event was an opportunity to take the pulse of the community by exchanging with the present public. The latter were very eclectic: entrepreneurs, business leaders, artists, investors but also many curious people. We could discuss with a “metaverse architect” who was to imagine and create the appearance of the various buildings in the virtual worlds.

Created in association as .gate or part of an online community, the observation is ready for the artists or artist collectives present: NFTs is for them a new way of communicating and promoting their works.

Stanislas Mako, CEO of Kalart thinks the same:

We truly believe that the NFT world fits in very well with the world of digital creators. They serve to legitimize their work. They work as artists, have the same problems as artists, but their creations are not considered works. NFTs can change that, and that’s one of the benefits we find them. »

Stanislas Mako – CEO of Kalart

This first event will therefore have gathered experts, amateurs and professionals around the theme of Non-Fungible Tokens. NFTs are still young in the digital space, and much remains to be done before they can reach their full potential.

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