Bois-d’Arcy: Noëmie has created NalaBox, a snack for children with allergies

Noëmie prepares this week-long NalaBox, which consists of cookies, compotes, bags of fruit chips and a game.
Noëmie prepares this week-long NalaBox, which consists of cookies, compotes, bags of fruit chips and a game. (© Manon Varaldo)

Children with allergies : we “NalaBox” for you! Noëmie Boucher was very scared of her child, Axel. “My son ate a peanut. His eyes, his lips swelled. He could not breathe anymore. He went into anaphylactic shock and was rescued. He must be careful all the time, at school or at his friends’ birthday parties. You must be super at Axel is 9 years old today and has a complicated everyday life, ”she testifies.

An allergen-free snack

Like him, one million children in France have food allergies. Noémie Boucher decided to create NalaBox.

“This name because it is the abbreviation of my first name N de Noëmie and my three children, A d’Axel, 9 years old, L de Laly, 12 years old and A d’Aiden, 6 years old. Nala also means chance in Swahili, an African language. Since Axel’s accident, we’re telling ourselves that life is a chance. I worked on this project for a year, and the wheels of entrepreneurship. I launched my site two months ago. NalaBox is an organic snack, without major allergens. Axel no longer feels excluded, and his boxes inspire others because children with intolerances, vegans but also curious people love the products, ”says the founder, Arcisian for 9 years.

“Since Axel’s accident, we’ve told ourselves that life is a chance”

Noemie BoucherFounder of NalaBox

The snack box is organic, allergen-free just like the cookies offered gluten-free, egg-free, milk-free, nut-free, soy-free and peanut-free. The production takes place in Charente-Maritime. They are accompanied by compotes, fruit chips made in Montesson (Yvelines) and a little game. Noémie has thus combined her professional and personal experiences.

Several products make up NalabBox.
Several products make up NalabBox. (© Manon Varaldo)

A conversion

The founder was initially head of recruitment for 10 years. She changed her path to being a Montessori assistant at a school for a year. She was also into cosmetics, and then created her brand of organic clothing, whose sales were primarily online. “I draw from everything I have learned, from all my key experiences. I acquire my everyday life as a single mother, and my interest in pedagogy. I arrive at a fantastic adventure with NalaBox”, the auto entrepreneur explains with a smile on his face.

Noémie would like to commit to zero waste, even though some containers are already compostable. “I will offer additional water bottles and packed lunches to limit the packaging”. The creator of NalaBox wants to supply schools and leisure centers.

She aims to open her laboratory to manufacture her products without allergens. “I hope to open it at the beginning of the school year 2023. I would like to employ women in reintegration. Socially and in solidarity go with my values, ”she reveals.

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Remove a mental burden

On May 14, Noémie Boucher will be present at the Dés, rires et des jeux store in Montigny-le-Bretonneux to present her snack box, accompanied by her fun games.

Count 29 € (trial offer) for a 5-day NalaBox (28 € in flexible subscription), 58 € (trial offer) for a ten-day box (55 € in flexible subscription) and 112 € (trial offer) for a one-month box (100 € in flexible subscription). You can personalize your content or choose turnkey so Noémie chooses the taste for you.

It is possible to have it delivered or picked up by click & collect in Bois-d’Arcy. “I also deliver within a 5 mile radius around Bois-d’Arcy. I have an offer for children who are allergic or intolerant, but also this NalaBox, ready for snacks, removes a mental strain from mothers, who are often called in, ”concludes Noëmie, single mother of 3 children.
NalaBoxen, a real pride for this female entrepreneur.

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