Couples: the 9 signs that show that your relationship is one-sided

In your relationship, are you the only one making an effort to make it work? Do you often feel frustrated and not listened to? Be careful, this can be a sign of a one-sided relationship.

In a relationship between two people, whether they are romantic, friendly or professional, communication, listening or trust allows you to build a solid and solid foundation. And both partners in the relationship need to give each other effort and attention for it to work.

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But sometimes it can be that one imbalance is feltand only one person performs the heavy lifting in the relationship, whether it is mental, physical or emotional.

This imbalance can be temporary if one of the two people occasionally is too busy or stressed. There may be times when you run out of energy and let your partner or friend temporarily control your relationship. If this imbalance remains limited in time, and if it does not begin to grow in your relationship, it will remain bearable. However, it can fill up too much between two people. In this case, we are talking about one-sided relationship. And this term applies just as much to romantic relationships as to friendly, family or professional relationships.

When to end a one-sided relationship?

Being in a one-sided relationship and not letting go of it can show that you are in a co-dependent relationship, that is, that you are stepping aside for the other. If this situation suits you for a while and makes you feel loved, it will in the long run affect your self-esteem and can become a source of suffering.

And if you feel like you’re giving more than you’re getting in the relationship, it’s time to make that relationship meaningful again, or ask yourself if it really does matter to you. Speak openly and calmly to your partner and see his reaction. If the other person does not seem willing to change or spend more time with you, the relationship becomes toxic.

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You feel like your relationship is falling apart if you do not handle it
You are always the one to start the conversation. If you do not check in, your partner will not check in as if he knew you would. And it makes you unhappy: You become more easily depressed if you e.g. do not get the message of the day.

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You constantly apologize
You spend your time compromising and feeling sorry for pretty much everything that happens in your relationship. Excessive apologies can be a way to make sure everything goes well in your relationship and to go down in front of your partner to make him understand how valuable he is to us. But it is not a sign of a healthy relationship.

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4/9 –

Communication is only one way
When your partner talks to you, you always listen carefully. But conversely, you will not be listened to in return. You express your thoughts and feelings, but you receive little or no response. The person opposite is too busy, does not have time … And this lack of interest shows the unique significance of your relationship.

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5/9 –

His needs come before yours
You regularly do things for your partner when they should. While this may be seen as occasional attention to his needs, you are actually forgetting yours. And that’s the beginning of a toxic relationship.

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6/9 –

You always end up justifying his behavior
Despite the fact that your partner does not value you as much as you give them, you have a habit of justifying your partner’s behavior, especially their lack of involvement or their indifference. Indirectly, you give him your agreement not to invest in the relationship.

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7/9 –

You feel empty after spending time with
When you start to feel empty after spending time with your partner, it is a sign that your relationship is out of balance. You are drained of your energy, because despite putting all your energy into this relationship, you get absolutely nothing back.

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8/9 –

You feel insecure about your partner’s commitment
Your partner is blowing hot and cold for you and you can not figure out how committed he will be to you. You even have this uncomfortable feeling that he is always somewhere else, even in your presence. Despite these warning signs, you continue in the same relationship without asking questions.

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9/9 –

You are responsible for organizing all plans
In your relationship, you are on your own to organize everything. Restaurants, excursions, vacations … You feel no decision-making in front of you. If you do not decide, nothing will happen. It may be time to tell your partner.

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