Here’s what the eclipse of May 15, 2022 has in store for you!

that May 15 next, the full moon will also result in a eclipse, which should turn our world upside down! This is the second eclipse of the year, while only a few days ago, at the time of it new moon, there was a solar eclipse in Taurus. This second eclipse will therefore take place in its opposite sign, Scorpio, a passionate water sign, representing both death and rebirth. That eclipses especially affect us as they amplify astrological phenomena in progress – and from May 10, Mercury will be in retrograde.

The signs ofu Taurus and Scorpio is associated with money, sensuality, power and property. These themes will therefore be highlighted throughout the year, as two other eclipses will take place at the end of the year, also in Taurus and Scorpio. That lunar nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, also called ” karmic knots will especially affect people who have placements in his character until October 2023.

What will be the effects of the eclipse in Scorpio?

it’s about the first lunar eclipse of the year, and this will take place in Scorpioa sign that is considered in particular mysterious and powerful. Affiliated house 12, it then represents mystery, death, passion, rebirth. It is said of house 12 that we can find ours soulmate than our worst enemy. This eclipse will then serve to get rid of our emotional baggage to make room for something beautiful and big. In short, an astrological spring cleaning.

The effects of this eclipse will be a response to the events of this year’s first solar eclipse, April 30th. What secrets was revealed? What did you learn about yourself? With this eclipse, emotions become tenfold, the truth is revealed and can sometimes be shocking! Scorpio loves secrets and drama, so if your life suddenly comes into being soap operadon’t worry: it’s just Scorpio playing with your nerves.

The bull: You clean up your relationship

With a eclipse in its opposite sign, Taurus will do a giant spring cleaning. And then Scorpio is in his house 7, it is in his relationship that this will take place! The king of drama and passion, Scorpio will then influence Taurus, who can either break up without notice or embark on a very serious relationship without notice. It can also happen in your professional life: whether you decide to slam the office door and throw away your phone Andy Sachs style – but if, The devil carries Prada – or vice versa, whether you decide to commit to a long-term project. Surprise us, surprise yourself, but above all: in love as at work, negotiate your terms, you are the boss.

Cancer: high-voltage seduction

L ‘eclipse will highlight your house 5, associated with passion and the way we express ourselves. Stop being shy and take your place! With this eclipse, one love story can start or stop without you seeing it coming. Scorpio sends you his seductive energy : love will be the only thing you think of and this one will be romantic, passionate and unforgettable!

Scorpio: reinvent yourself

With this eclipse, the focus is on Scorpio until next month. There is a good chance that you will surprise those around you by deciding on a radical style change, but it must be said that you are used to changing yourself completely. On the other hand, if you would rather be on a complete life change, wait until the end of Mercury in retrograde June 3: Avoid permanent life choices made on a whim.

On the other hand, this eclipse is definitely on your side and could well watch your girlfriend’s dreams come true. After all, you deserve it: Turn this revelation into a real movie scene, we know you can do it.

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