how Patricia Kaas suffered during Philippe Bergman’s retirement application after their breakup

Patricia Kaas is a singer who needs no introduction. With several successful titles and planetary hits, Patricia Kaas is a respected woman. Although her choices have not always been sufficient, she fully assumes them.

The youngest of a family of 7 children, Patricia lost her parents very young. She had to build a shell to cope with life’s trials.

She always knew how to hide her vulnerability and she made it a real strength. Despite several love mistakes, the famous singer still believes in great love. Focus on her journey and the different men she met.

Portrait of Patricia Kaas. Ilde Source: Getty Images


Several years ago, Patricia Kaas gave an interview to Gala magazine, which she confided in until her childhood. The youngest of 7 siblings, Patricia was very close to her mother.

Unfortunately, she lost her parents at a very young age. To avoid being beaten down by life, the young girl had to choose the solution that presented itself to her:

“I have adopted this somewhat masculine side of never trusting anyone. Independence is my luxury”,

they trusted.

Portrait of Patricia Kaas wearing a hat on November 4, 1989 in Paris, France. Ilde Source: Getty Images

Patricia is not limited to words. The singer shows it through her rhythm of life. She has created the character of a strong and independent woman. If it has always been a success for him on a professional level, it was not the same result in his love life.

Unfortunately, she was not fortunate enough to have long romantic relationships. She was so hurt by the men who shared her life that she asked herself the following questions:

“A love that can last twenty years … does it still exist?”

However, Patricia Kaas still believes in true love, and maybe she will eventually find her soulmate.

The French singer Patricia Kaas on the set of her music video ‘Elle wanted to play the cabaret’ on April 11, 1989 in Paris, France. Ilde Source: Getty Images


Patricia has known several men in her life who left her with different memories.

Cyril Prieur is a man who holds a special place in Patricia Kaas’ heart and life. They met in 1987. Cyril Prieur always knew how to anticipate the singer’s fatigue attacks and protect her from the atrocities of fame. They are no longer a couple, but Patricia and Cyril remain true soulmates.

The meeting between Alain Delon and Patricia Kaas took place in 1990. The cheetah very quickly discovered its enormous potential. That’s how he introduced her to his showbiz friends.

In 1993, he invited her to the Cannes Film Festival. She should have walked up the stairs on the red carpet arm in arm with the cheetah, but Patricia panicked and used a busy schedule as a pretext to let her down.

In the early 2000s, Patricia and Jeremy Irons starred in the movie “And now … ladies & gentlemen”. In fiction, the two stars have a fierce relationship. The paparazzi were quick to attribute to them a real-life romance.

This rumor became more and more damaging to the British actor’s marriage. This is why he decided to sever all ties with Patricia Kaas.

Actor Jeremy Irons. Ilde Source: Getty Images

Patrick Poivre d’Arvor is a famous lover of beautiful women. He was not insensitive to Patricia’s charm and natural beauty. For her part, the singer had also fallen in love with the journalist, but their love lasted only in the spring of 2004.

Yannick Alleno is one of those men that Patricia loved dearly. With the co-star chef, who has just lost her 24-year-old son in a tragic car accident, Patricia felt loved and enchanted. They formalized their couple in 2008, and the press was already imagining their future marriage.

Everything went great. Unfortunately, the singer’s career took over:

“I did not make myself sufficiently available (…) Men are afraid of an independent woman”.

she admitted.

Yannick Alleno and Patricia Kaas. Ilde Source: Getty Images

Philippe Bergman and Patricia Kaas met in 1994. Things happened very quickly. The Belgian singer insured the first parts of concerts by Patricia. It therefore intruded naturally into his daily life.

At the time, Patricia had just imprisoned a fan who was harassing her both externally and in her own home. Moving with Philippe Bergman made him a world of benefit.

Everything went perfectly, but gradually the Belgian singer less and less supported his companion’s fame, which put him in the background. He multiplied the crises of jealousy and the inevitable happened: they parted in a tumultuous way.

“There have been less beautiful stories, like this adventure with this artist, which I found very beautiful, which I was very much in love with, and which did all the shit that was possible with me, and went so far as to demand retirement for our separation “,

trusted the singer.

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Patricia Kaas was not very lucky in love. Her repeated failures have pushed her to make drastic decisions to protect herself, and she fully assumes her choices, including not having a child.

A few years ago, she opened up to the media to promote her autobiography titled “The Shadow of my voice” (Flammarion editions). She told about her relationship with motherhood:

“Sometimes when I thought about motherhood, I said to myself, ‘you don’t care about the father.’ Except that when you get pregnant, no, you do not care.”

She went on to say:

“As far as I know, I was either with the wrong person, or it was not the right time. There were times when a man asked me to take care of our child, but in my head, my choice was clear.”

Singer Patricia Kaas. Ilde Source: Getty Images

After several abortions, the singer has learned that she will never be able to get pregnant again. She took it very badly:

“It was a slap in the face. I experienced it as an injustice because I live a healthy life, I do not drink, I do not smoke, I do not take drugs. That was what annoyed me the most,” he said.

they trusted.

In the past, she did not feel able to make a child happy, but that is no longer the case:

“When I got pregnant, I could not. Now, if I can save an unhappy child somewhere … To be honest, I do not know.”

she added.

Singer Patricia Kaas. Ilde Source: Getty Images

She does not regret her previous choices:

“I can not really talk about regret. It was my choice not to have children (…) But I want to tell you that when I am finally at peace with myself, I just, selfishly, want to live …” ,

finished the singer.

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