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While TF1 airs season 2 of “HPI” this Thursday night, Allociné offers you an overview of the major events at the end of season 1, which will help you better understand the events of this new series of episodes.

This Thursday, May 12 at 21.05 TF1 launches the broadcast of the long-awaited season 2 of HPI, a detective series like no other carried by Audrey Fleurot and Mehdi Nebbou, who follows Morgane, a 38-year-old single mother with 160 IQ and a good portion of rebellion.

She will see her fate as a housekeeper turned upside down when her extraordinary abilities are discovered by the police, who offer her a job as a consultant.

On the occasion of the broadcast on TF1 of the new outbreak of unpublished episodes this Thursday, a little look back at the events at the end of season 1.

The beginning of problems for Commander Karadec

In episode 7 of the first season, Karadec and Morgane were responsible for investigating the murder of Axel Maertens, director of a kitesurfing club. All the clues the police found led directly to a young teenager who had quickly confessed to the crime.

But Morgane refused to believe he had committed this murder. Against the advice of Commissioner Hazan (Marie Denarnaud), Karadec decided to trust her sidekick and continue to conduct the investigation unofficially. But just as they were about to clear up the investigation, Morgane and Karadec found themselves in great danger and forced the policeman to shoot a drug dealer who attacked the young woman.


Karadec’s superior then discovered the commander’s actions. And between the search for fingerprints, the hearing of the several suspects outside any legal procedure, the violation of the seal and the use of a service weapon except in the case of self-defense, the boss will have to face the consequences of his actions. He may even lose his job as in season 2 he will be the subject of an investigation by IGPN.

An impossible love story

The Season 1 finale left viewers on a mini-cliffhanger. Karadec, after having ambiguous dreams about his partner, finally seemed to decide to try a romantic approach with Morgane.


Unfortunately, when he rang the doorbell of the former housekeeper with an exceptional IQ to offer her a deal, he found her in the company of his ex, and incidentally the father of two of her children, whom she had chosen to give another chance. .

A reversal of the situation, which was part of the authors’ desire to put sticks in the wheels of a possible love story between the two heroes in the series.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Is Roman dead?

Recall that at the end of the first episode of HPI, Morgane agreed to help police solve investigations on one condition: that Commissioner Hazan use her resources to find Romain, her companion, who has mysteriously disappeared for several years . That was the common thread in the first series of episodes.

But at the end of episode 4, Céline Morgane announced that her research had led her directly to an unidentified deceased young man who had been found dead in December 2005 in Dunkirk and who in every way matched the description of Roman.


If the apprentice investigator initially had trouble believing that the man she loved had been dead all these years, she managed to mourn Romain in episode 5 by burying with their daughter Théa the belongings she had kept .

However, the impossibility of a formal identification of the young man casts doubt on his death. Is he still alive? Will Morgane continue to investigate future episodes?

Find Season 2 of HPI from Thursday, May 12 from 6 p.m. 21:10 on TF1 and in preview on Salto. Season 1 is available in its entirety on Salto and on Disney +.

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