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Often feared, routine is the couple’s number one enemy. It is even the first cause of breakup, far ahead of infidelity! But when you have lived together for years, how do you avoid it when you have children, a job and daily limitations, and little by little you move away?

Find exclusively our 10 anti-routine bids for your pair.

First commandment: communicate better, you will learn

This is the secret behind every working couple, one the pillar of the lasting relationship. Clear, calm and above all regular communication. No subject should be taboo, it is important to be able to discuss with his half both the good and the bad or the inconvenient, with confidence.

Why not establish one weekly meeting, without TV, without laptop and without children, if you have any? Once the latter has gone to bed, give yourself a romantic tete-a-tete to discuss the week’s topics, the successes, the doubts, the needs, the adjustments to consider for each one.

This will allow you to take stock and say things calmly instead of waiting for everything to come out during e.g. an argument.

2. Love words you will say

A priori you love each other as you are still together after several years. However, this is no reason not to say “I love you”, “you are beautiful”, “I love your hands” or “I am lucky to have you in my life”!

Do not take the other for granted and do not hesitate to say sweet words to each other, words of love that reassure and always please.

Express your gratitude to your significant otherwithout making a fuss about it either, tell him why you like him or her there, what you like, the happiness your relationship brings you, and so on.

Joy to the other you want to do

The small daily attention often does not cost much and often makes it possible light the flame again of a couple.

No need to give gifts every day, but buy flowers from time to anotherputting a friendly note on the bathroom mirror, cooking your favorite dish or even a little massage breaks the routine and gives meaning to the other.

All these little gestures prove that you care about the other, that you think of him during the day, and that you care about him or her.

4. To plan everything in the pair you will stop

Is your everyday life characterized by the metro-work-sleep combination, shopping on Saturdays, lunch at mother-in-law on Sundays and public holidays packed six months in advance at the campsite Flots Bleus? Bring in the unexpected and stop his habits that suffocate your couple.

What if for once you shop at Drive and take advantage of the time saved to go on an adventure day? Or decide to explore a region that neither of you knows about the next vacation?

Shake things up a bit and leave room for spontaneitymother-in-law will recover and your couple will come out more fulfilled!

5. Time for two, you will spend

Between work, home, children, it’s hard to spend time with the two of you. Why not sign up an activity togetherto learn a new discipline, try theater, salsa or painting?

You will thus share a moment as a couple, to have fun and create new memories by reviving your bond. Who knows, maybe you’ll find out a new shared passion ?

6. On weekends or holidays as a couple, you go

Get away from everyday life for a weekend or a romantic getaway. What better way to get out of the routine and light the flame again than a refuge for two, far from the limitations and hassles of everyday life?

In France or abroad, you can take advantage of these few days to relax, recharge your batteries, decompress and above all find yourself.

This privileged time just for the two of you will allow you rediscover and rediscover yourselfin another setting.

7. Alone time you will enjoy

You live together, sleep together, go on holiday together and sometimes even work together. This 24-hour closeness can sometimes suffocate you, the presence of the other then becoming a habit, or worse, a limitation!

He is important that everyone can have an activity, an excursion, recreation, alone. Do you like the diatonic accordion? Join a marching band.

Are you more of a fan of the round ball? Join the neighborhood or village team. In addition to giving you time only for yourself, you can even create new connections.

8. Spice up your sex life

The bedroom is definitely the central space for any couple. If there is one place where routine is deadly, it is it! Dare to try new thingsnew positions or why not, accessories.

Get out of the bedroom, invent characters, love games, bid on a sexy outfit for your other half, in short, have fun!

9. Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself to take care of your couple! Jogging or leggings are comfortable, that’s for sure, but we made it more glamorous as an outfit.

Keep this casual outfit for gardening or sports, and put on more dressy clothes, take care of your hairstyle, get back to sports (why not in pairs, by the way!), In short, keep seducing your spouse.

Like love, the seduction continues . By taking care of yourself, you improve your self-esteemand are thus more likely to seduce the other, and to be seduced!

After a few weeks or decades, it is important to sacrifice your comfort a little from time to time in order to awaken the flame in the other.

10. You will appreciate the good routine

Finally, do not fight with all your might against routine, that also has good sides!

Proofing, comforting, everyday movements are also pleasant, they prove that you know how to live together.

Living together requires constant attention and effort not to sink into a routine that would become the coffin of your relationship.

And you, what are your tips for keeping the flame alive on a daily basis?

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