reindeer. La Musette, a barge bar on the Saint-Cast quay

The houseboat garden bag arrives in Rennes. This floating rod is installed Quai Saint-Cast in the city center opened on May 6, 2022 under the sun. Everyone on board!

Musetten attached its moorings on the Quai Saint-Cast in the center of Rennes and opened its edge to the public on Friday, May 6, 2022 to the sound of DJs from La Rennes des Voyous inaugurating the place. This is set to be a new phase of the beautiful days in Rennes, the ideal place to dabble near the water while dreaming of future swimming, even if it means ending up with a hit in the luggage, as we say in the houseboat language.

Aperitif bar, this is the new project of Mathieu Horeau and Jeremy Leduc. The two partners already own the dining bar Les Grands Gamins (opened in 2016) in the shopping center François Mitterrand and Bistrot Cocagne (2019), rue des dames, in old Rennes. “The musette took the longest time“says Mathieu Horeau.”We bought the boat in 2019 and it took three years to build“.

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Jérémy Leduc welcomes you with open arms and a smile.

It is a great victory for the two partners who have been thinking about the idea for even longer. “When we created Les Grands Gamins, we wanted it on a barge. At that time, the city of Rennes was not ready to welcome a boat with this kind of activity. But we always had that in mind. It’s a heart project for me, I have family living on barges, so I have known this environment since I was littlesays Matthew.

  • reindeer sack
  • reindeer sack

A few years later, the situation changed. In 2019 became the city of Rennes and Brittany region launches a call for projects to erect five merchant boats along the Ille-et-Rance canal that crosses the city center. The broader goal is to bring the region’s canals and waterways to life, “as many cities have already done for years», Comments Mathieu. Paris, Lyon or Nantes are good examples, whereas the shores of Rennes only hosted the Péniche-Spectacle, quai Saint-Cyr, and Mouch’s hair salon, which was already quai Saint-Cast. The latter welcomes new neighbors in 2022, since then Musettenit will be the turn of a boat-yoga room and a boat-creperie to drop anchor in the canal.

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From left to right: La Musette, Mouch’s hair salon and the future Nouvelle Lune, barge-yoga room.

Mathieu Horeau and Jeremy Leduc take advantage of this call for projects to make their dream come true. The barge has already been purchased and the two partners have brought it up the river from Morbihan to the Apigné dams. “We took her out of the water, we redone the whole hull and then the inner fittings“, Matthew explains.”After all the time we have spent working on it, we are happy to finally be in place, to see people on this boat and that it is alive again.“, he continues.

Once over the pontoon, Musetten offers three different rooms. First and foremost, the pool, that is, the bridge from which you can access the boat, a non-smoking area, which will host DJ sets every Sunday afternoon. Walk a few steps down to enter the inner cargo hold where the bar is located. Or go up to the upper terrace, built from scratch to accommodate more passengers. The building can accommodate up to 75 freshwater sailors. For the sake of space, and for as many as possible to enjoy it, no tables or chairs on the horizon, only a few high tables have been installed for rest.

À la carte, barchefen Jean-Baptiste Le Roux offers the essentials for aperitifs: organic and light wines of all colors, local beers, including two exclusive collaborations with the breweries Nautiles in Nantes and Nautica in Becherel, arranged rum and, to stay in this marine atmosphere, a signature cocktail christened L ‘Homme à la mer, as many pirates have torn their beards to pierce his recipe.

Musetten will stay at the quay for some time before embarking on new adventures, of course nautical, under the guidance of his captain Fanny Le Sage. “Currently it is a bar, but in 2023 or 2024 we will also do navigation. We leave during the day on excursions with entertainment on board, to return to the quay in the eveningpredicts Mathieu.

Meanwhile, the crew at La Musette welcomes you every afternoon, except Monday, until 6 p.m. 22.30. So on board!

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From left to right: Fanny Le Sage, Jérémy Leduc, Jean-Baptiste Le Roux and Mathieu Horeau

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