Revealing domestic violence through NFTs, Lina Valentina’s fight and her “No More” collection

The trending artist currently in the US is named Lina Valentina. After conquering the country from east to west, the young woman quickly became a strong symbol of feminism.
In an exclusive interview with Coingroup, the artist went into detail about the launch of her first “No More” NFT collection. With this initiative, Lina Valentina intends to leverage the web3 community to highlight the message of women’s place in new technologies. In addition, the artist wants to use this series to condemn domestic violence, which is still too numerous today.

Lina Valentina, dedicated artist

Let’s take a look back at the artist’s journey behind the “No More” collection. Lina Valentina makes her debut on Brooklyn’s walls, the cradle of urban culture. His works are now on display in the largest contemporary art galleries in Los Angeles. With her experience and the strength with which she defends her ideas, Lina Valentina has been offered the cover of reputable magazines like INKspired and Good Weekend Magazine. Finally, the artist collaborated with Adidas in 2018 as part of an exhibition on the mythical Melrose Avenue.

Lina Valentina, Source:

Lina Valentina stands out thanks to her shocking and committed style. Through his work, the artist encourages women to condemn the domestic violence of which they are victims. Inspired by big names in contemporary culture, such as the famous Salvador Dali, the American translates this message into his art. Thus, for example, in his paintings one can find a woman’s mouth adorned with a zipper. The artist returned to the debates surrounding this production:

At some exhibitions, my works may have been misinterpreted, in the sense that they thought the zipper was a sign of silence. But it is the exact opposite because if you look in detail, the zipper is open and the notches are turned, which means that you can no longer close it. »

To develop her art, Lina Valentina can count on the support of American stars, keen on her talent. Latest support to date, rapper Rick Ross, who commissioned a representation of a luxury watch from the American prodigy. On the other hand, his paintings have appeared in the Netflix series ” Selling Sunset », Which highlights the exceptional villas on the California coast.

NFTs as a new communication vector

The “No More” collection developed by Lina Valentina is a tribute to all female victims of violence who have found the strength to condemn it. However, the dedicated artist also wants to give courage to silent women who are beaten by this hell in everyday life.

“No More” will thus be composed of 7,777 unique NFTs designed in the artist’s style: from women’s faces to the mouth with an open zipper.

NFT from the “No More” series, Source:

This NFT series repeats the great success Women’s worldThe NFT series which aims to highlight women’s work in the web3 ecosystem. Women’s world was particularly notable for his presence in TheSandbox meta-verse during Alpha Season 2. Some American stars have claimed to have purchased NFTs from this collection, such as Logan Paul, Alec Monopoly and Gary Vee.

During the interview, Lina Valentina stated that she has an NFT from the aforementioned collection, purchased for 8 ETH. Affected by the power of these tools introduced by the web3, it is natural that she decided to put her art at the service of a cause greater than herself.

NFT from the “No More” series, Source:

Asked about her vision of NFTs in the United States, Lina Valentina revealed that the phenomenon is truly inevitable across the Atlantic:

NFTs and art seem obvious, a new way for artists to express themselves and be heard. Many artists around me position themselves in the NFT sector. Unfortunately, there are still too few female artists in the field, only 5%. “No More” series also aims to give women the courage to invest in this thriving sector. »

The project roadmap and the benefits for NFT holders “Not anymore”

Lina Valentina presents several areas for development to engage a community around her series:

  • The first is to create a digital gallery in the meta-verse to provide a new space for expression.
  • The second is to propose a solution for presenting digital works of art where desired. To go in this direction, 300 happy owners of the series’ NFTs ” not anymore will have the chance to receive a digital frame worth $ 800.
  • The third axis is to strengthen the connection between Lina and the collectors of her works. NFT owners can meet the artist at a special exhibition taking place at The Cool HeArt Gallery in Los Angeles. NFT holders will also be able to benefit from advantageous prices on the physically exhibited works.
  • Finally, the fourth axis, and certainly the most important to connect to the strong message of the NFT collection, is the charitable aspect of the action. In fact, 10% of the revenue is generated by drop will be donated to the association SafeHorizonwho fight to help victims of domestic violence, abuse, rape and sexual assault, etc.

To follow the future of this collection

In this turbulent period in the financial markets, this type of initiative seems like a breath of fresh air. In fact, Lina Valentina puts her talent to benefit the cause of domestic violence and counts on support from the web3 community to make their voices heard. As explained earlier, the “No More” collection is in line with ionic series such as Women’s world, has had great success. Moreover, collaborations with celebrities in the ecosystem are planned, although the details remain confidential until further notice.

To keep up to date with the latest information about the series, we encourage you to follow ” not anymore “, as well as lina valentina and The Cool HeArt Gallery on social media.

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