10 series pairs that broke mythical friendships

Some love stories have serious consequences for the friendships in our favorite series. Of gossip girl to beautiful little liarsa flashback of 10 couples who (temporarily) broke mythical friendships.

Update: this article “Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy: 10 Series Couples Who Broken Mythical Friendships” was released in December 2017. It was updated in May 2022.

Serena and Nate in the series gossip girl (broke the Serena / Blair friendship)


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This is why Serena left the Upper East Side in the biggest mystery: she was sleeping with Nate while the latter was in a relationship with her best friend Blair at the time. We have to wait for S to return before the high school student confesses what happened to his girlfriend. Blair is devastated when she hears the news and makes Serena pay for it.

Silver and Navid in 90210 (broken silver / Adrianna friendship)

silver navid 90210

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Drove to the top of glory in season 3 of 90210 Beverly Hills: New Generation, Adrianna is becoming more and more temperamental and self-absorbed. So much so that her boyfriend Navid can no longer stand her and then gets closer to one of her best friends: Silver. Their relationship makes angry and jealous Adrianna, who reciprocates by sending a nude photo of Silver to the whole school, and then changes her medication. Hi the most unhealthy friendship in the series.

Katherine and Mike in Desperate housewives (broken Katherine / Susan friendship)

mike katherine desperate housewives


In Season 5, an unexpected couple is formed in Wisteria Lane: Katherine and Mike. Although this one is divorced from Susan, it is a shock to the latter. The Susan-Katherine friendship gets a hit, and a true love triangle sets in at the end of the season. Mike eventually returns to Susan, and Katherine falls into a depression. That housewife will also take time to forgive his friend.

Rachel and Joey enter Friends (broken Joey / Ross friendship)

Friends Rachel Joey


When Joey confesses his feelings for Rachel to Ross, the paleontologist does not hide his astonishment and anger. A cold lies between the two friends. Fortunately, the friendship is stronger than anything else between our heroes. Thus, the brief affair between the characters Matt LeBlanc and Jennifer Aniston does not do too much harm in the group.

Joey and Pacey in the series Dawson (broke Pacey / Dawson friendship)

dawson joey pacey

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The birth of the romantic Joey-Pacey relationship in season 3 has major implications for their respective relationships with Dawson. Joey’s best friend / ex, who is also Pacey’s best friend, sees their story as a betrayal. It will take time for them to reconcile and become the friends they were.

Alison and Billy in Melrose Place (destroyed Alison / Amanda friendship)

alison and billy, melrose place

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After spending the entire first season of Melrose Place to turn around, Alison and Billy only become really aware of their respective feelings after Amanda’s arrival. The fiery blonde quickly becomes friends with Alison and dates Billy. But their relationship does not last, and the Californian realizes his feelings for his roommate. The Alison-Amanda friendship inevitably gets a hit … and the diva played by Heather Locklear, who is also Alison’s boss, becomes more and more bitchy from his point of view.

Addison and Mark ind grey’s Anatomy (ruined the Mark / Derek friendship)

addison mark grays anatomy


Addison, Derek’s wife, cheated on him with Mark, his best friend. A blow to Derek, who after an offer from Webber decides to leave New York to come and settle in Seattle. And the worst part is that Addison and Mark follow him to Seattle Grace … and do it again!

Lucas and Peyton in Scott brothers (ruined Peyton / Brooke friendship)

brothers scott brooke lucas peyton

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Team Brucas or Leyton? The most iconic love triangle of Scott Brothers is the cause of a rivalry between the two BFFs Brooke and Peyton. Let’s summarize: at the beginning of the series, Lucas is attracted to Peyton, but she’s in a relationship with Nathan. For her part, Brooke is in love with Lucas and does everything to seduce him. Gradually, the basketball player gets to know the cheerleader and falls under her spell. Only then does Peyton come between Brooke and Lucas. The brunette is hurt and betrayed and does not want to hear more about Lucas or Peyton. And that’s just the beginning …

Quinn and Puck in the series Glee (broken Puck / Finn friendship)

quinn puck glee

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Quinn and Finn are the high school star couple at the start of Glee. And yet their relationship is far from perfect, as Quinn is Finn unfaithful to his best friend Puck. Things get complicated as the young woman gets pregnant … The Finn / Puck friendship gets a big hit. The story repeats itself in season 2 with Rachel.

Spencer and Caleb ind beautiful little liars (broken Spencer / Hanna friendship)

beautiful little liars, spencer, caleb

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Hanna and Caleb have always been one of the strongest couples ever. beautiful little liars. But after the 5-year leap into the future, they separate and the young man gets closer to Spencer. The relationship between the two Liars be tensioned after a certain point, of course, even annoying. Until things finally return to normal: Caleb stays with Hanna again, while Spencer falls back into Toby’s arms. Everything is good It ends well.

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