a candidate separated from her husband and in a civil partnership with a new tax …

An adventurer from Koh Lanta has just formalized his romantic relationship with a new man. It’s a twist! Where did her ex-husband go? In fact, before and during the survival game TF1, she was a married woman, but apparently not so fulfilled. But when she’s out of the competition, her life has changed radically and she presents her new treasure on her Instagram account. One thing we notice is that he seems to like excitement just like her. We reveal who it is in this article.

Koh Lanta : an adventure that can disrupt his love life!

We can never say it enough, but we do not come out of the experience unscathed Koh Lanta. In fact, after participating in the survival adventure, some candidates make decisions and choices. For example, last year, Thomas broke up with his girlfriend at the time because he had fallen in love with Myriam. The latter is also an adventurer in the game Denis Brogniart. Moreover, their couple is doing really well as he is expecting his first child. In the show of Koh Lantawe meet friends for life, enemies and sometimes also love.

But then who is the adventurer in this edition who has decided to break up with her husband and start a new romantic relationship?

His former companion supported him during the adventure

Well, the protagonist in this case is none other than Candice, the former manager of the Reds team. She participated in the 2021 edition of Koh Lanta. During the adventure, she was still married and could count on her husband’s support. Back then, it was Cédric who was by his side in all the moments of his life. In fact, the couple had celebrated their marriage in 2019.

For information, this was a specialist in real estate, especially in the assessment ” on behalf of insurance groups, investment funds, real estate companies and local communities as part of valuation campaigns in accordance with the Charter of Expertise in Property Valuation“. At least according to the information that the young man wrote in his profile on the professional network LinkedIn.

A new love life after Koh Lanta

A short year after the broadcast of Koh Lanta from 2021 her ex-husband Cédric seems to have disappeared from circulation or at least from social networks, that’s for sure. There are no more photos on Candice’s Instagram account. In fact, there are no longer any traces of their trip to the Philippines, their hike to an altitude of 3000 meters in the Alpe d’Huez or even their stay in the Portuguese waterfalls … But instead, another charming young man has appeared since June 2021. His name is Henry and he follows her on her escapades in the wild. He seems to be passionate about nature and adventure like her.

This Monday, May 9, 2022, the couple formalizes themselves and takes an important step. In fact, on her Instagram account, Candice announces very good news. Lovers are very elegant. He wears a navy blue suit and she wears a beautiful floral dress … and she proudly wears a beautiful ring on her left ring finger! ” A day ‘almost’ like everyone else! Between two gorges, a paragliding flight in the clouds of more than 2000 m … We will even have found time to calm down”Candice wrote in the caption to the photo.

Congratulations to the young lovers who have found each other and share the same passions. Maybe one day they will relive the adventure Koh Lanta together, who knows! In the meantime, you can meet every Tuesday to see the rest of the adventures of the graduates in this issue. This Tuesday, May 10, was the eleventh episode aired on the channel TF1 ! To be continued…

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