A Democrat launches his NFT campaign

Matt West, a former decentralized finance developer, is campaigning in Oregon’s Sixth Congressional District. He will sell a collection of Ethereum-based NFTs to raise money for his campaign.

Beaver NFTs

The NFTs show beavers (Oregon’s national animals) drawn by movie poster artist Paul Zeaiter. They vary in price and rarity, with the most expensive levels reaching nearly $ 5,800, Mr. West, a Democrat.

Matt West’s campaign website reads: CryptoBeavers, originally from Oregon and cryptotwitter, traveled to the U.S. capital, ready to defend the blockchain. They are ready to become voters, Capitol staff, members of Congress, monuments and to perform on the Great Seal of the United States. Because that’s what CryptoBeavers does “.

It is unclear whether they will make a difference in the fight for Oregon’s new congressional district. Nine Democrats are fighting for the party’s nomination in what has become a surprisingly expensive primary race. One candidate has estimated that Campaigns and Political Action Committees (PACs) will spend $ 15 million by prime day, May 17th.

NFT CryptoBeavers

Many graduates enter the NFT

Matt West is not the first candidate in an election in the United States to use NFTs for his campaign. One example is Shrina Kurani, a Democrat running for Congress in California’s 41st District. It is in collaboration with Abris, a CO2-neutral NFT marketplace based on Algorand.

They today announced the launch of “Kurani for Congr3ss”, a collection of 230 NFTs to raise awareness of Kurani’s campaign. It also highlights the potential for innovative and climate-friendly solutions in the growing Web3 space. The 230 available NFTs represent the 230 billion tonnes of carbon left in the global “carbon budget”. In other countries, NFTs are also a hit, such as the presidential election in South Korea.

Other candidates fell into rather absurd creations. As the former senator and current Republican candidate for governor of Minnesota who announced the release of two NFT tokens. About the theme of the fair. The style is particularly offbeat and it is difficult to know the influence of the choice.

However, we can recognize the work with the usefulness of NFT. In fact, the purchase of one of the NFTs locks access to a rewards program throughout the campaign. Like the opportunity to meet Jensen and watch a Minnesota Vikings football game with former Viking Matt Birk.

For Matt West’s case, this one insists on the side blockchain-friendly of his project: “There have been a few who have been successful, but in general they are not treated with respect. They are not necessarily exchangeable. They can not be redeemed for cash. You pay them by credit card and on a all chain said West. By referring to blockchains by smart contractsother than Ethereum. Learn all about the relationship between NFTs and the funding of political parties here.

The choice of Ethereum blockchain

However, we may question the choice of Ethereum blockchain. Very energy consuming and has the highest fees of all blockchains. Asked if this fact could prove to be a handicap to the campaign in a Democratic primary, West replied in the negative.

Ethereum will be itProof-of-Stakevery soon“, he stated. Indicating that the change will result in a”2,000 times reduction of energy consumption“.

NFTs highlight West’s commitment to “progressive” cryptocurrenciessaid Zeaiter. The project artist and soon recipient of their royalties in the secondary market.“The rules are coming, and I’d rather have someone like Matt who knows his stuff in Washington, DC, to determine their outcome.»

Blockchains and NFTs are therefore increasingly at the core of campaigns and promises from candidates at all levels of the US political spectrum. It is a real asset to have such enthusiasm and a desire to democratize the use of NFTs and blockchain during an election.

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