A fortune fell from the sky thanks to NFT Loot – The art of getting rich without understanding how

The saga is not over yet – The NFT craze has taken hold again. While the OpenSea platform broke its own records in August with a total volume of $ 3.16 billion, a new series of non-fungible tokens of a new type continues to boost hype.

Loot, the new hype NFT project at the moment

Finally, the range of Bored Apes, Art Blocks and other CryptoPunks has been discovered. baptized “Loot (for adventurers)”this new NFT project has just dethroned its predecessors in a matter of days.

Launched in late August of Dom Hofmannbest known for creating the Vine application, Loot is one Game hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, which combines gamification and NFT. When it was launched, the project did not even have a graphical interface. In fact, users had to interact directly with the smart contract to impress the precious NFTs.

In fact, these NFTs contain a few lines of text that represent equipment and objects which can be used in the game once developed and released. Uh yes! Currently, Loot has not no playable version yet and boils down only to the created NFTs as well AGLD token specifically for the game.

Within a few hours will 7,778 NFTs of the project has been embossed of the community. For once, Internet users only had to pay network fees to generate NFTs. However, the price of the latter exploded very quickly on the Opensea platform.

Example of an NFT swap showing playable equipment and items in the game
Example of an NFT switch – Source: Opensea

Loot is therefore currently the project has the largest volume at Opensea, med 55,103 ETH in volume over the last 7 days, ie 1600% increase over this period. At the time of writing these lines, the minimum price to acquire one of these NFTs is 10.5 ETHso close $ 40,000.

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Another airdrop for the greatest pleasure of his community

As we have seen, the Loot project has its own token, AGLD. As is often the case in Defi or NFT projects, the cryptocurrency in question was distributed to the community via an airdrop.

Thus, each holder of an NFT Loot had the opportunity require 10,000 AGLD tokens. To his NOTESeptember 3rd was worth every AGLD token $ 7.70. Specifically, each holder of an NFT had Loot thus possibility to claim $ 77,000 in AGLD tokens. Since then, the price has dropped to reach those $ 3.45which still suggests a rather comfortable $ 34,500 airdrop.

For their part, investors who directly sold their AGLD bag, like the one newly written at launch when it was only worth 45 cents, must bite their fingers.

New lot to generate

When Dom Hofmann noticed that part of society felt abandoned, Dom Hofmann decided to launch a second series by NFT Loot. Total 1,316,005 new NFTs may therefore be claimed by the Community, through the eligible contract “Temporary theft”but as society quickly renamed “More prey”.

Since the circulating supply of these new NFTs is dynamic, new Loot can be embossed with each new block on Ethereum. Its creator estimated that approx 250,000 exchanges could be created through this contract each year.

Although these new NFTs do not currently provide access to an airdrop of AGLD tokens, the community can decide otherwise, as Hofman explained on Twitter.

Speech by Dom Hofmann explaining that the AGLD community can expand the pool of AGLD holders
Publication of Dom Hofmann – Source: Twitter

“The Community can decide whether Loot, More Loot or both are eligible for future AGLD claims. The AGLD contract supports any underlying NFT for claims. As a result, nothing prevents society from deciding to expand the pool of AGLD holders.”

Dom Hofmann

In fact, the AGLD token works as one governance tokenwhich allows its holders to take a position on the development of the Protocol.

Holders of early NFT Loot, however, fear that creation of new NFTs make their less rare and their value decreases as new Loots are generated.

After all, NFTs are not just about Ethereum. Other blockchains are trying to couple the cart on the way. This is especially the case with the Internet Computer Price project which is releasing 10,000 NFTs to its users.

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