all about the Overwatch designer’s NFT manga collection

Azuki is one of the most popular NFT collections. In a few months, the project has reached great heights, and its sales volume on OpenSea exceeds 230,000 ETH. Find out everything you need to know about this phenomenal collection, on your way to dethroning the Bored Ape Yacht Club …

The NFT ecosystem is growing rapidly and hundreds of new projects are being created every day. Anyway, some are more successful thanks to their quality, their originality or simply their beauty.

In a few weeks, Azuki quickly became one of the most popular collections. Those hand-drawn samurai already positions itself as the next “blue chip” NFT project.

What are Azuki NFTs?

The Azuki collection brings together a collection of 10,000 NFT avatars based on the Ethereum blockchain. It is designed by a group of artists based in Los Angeles, and launched on January 12, 2022.

These avatars draw inspiration from manga aesthetics, and quickly captured fans around the world. However, interest in these NFTs is not limited to their appearance.

Owning an Azuki gives access to exclusive NFT drops, streetwear clothes from collaborations with well-known brands, to live events and much more.

Buyers become members of The Garden: a virtual space presented by the creators as “a corner of the internet where artists, builders and enthusiasts of web3 meet to create a decentralized future”.

As with most NFT collections, each Azuki comes with 12 randomly generated traits regarding her hairstyle, clothes, accessories or background.

Who are the creators of Azuki?

team azuki

Azuki is a project created by the newly launched Churi Labswhich unites several members with long experience in crypto, art or games.

Everyone has joined forces to create a distinct brand in the metaverse. That most members are anonymousbut the quality of their work does not deceive.

The founder of the project is known as Zagabonds pseudonym on Twitter. He would have worked for companies like Google and on various decentralized projects.

Other members include chief designer Hoshiboysoftware engineer Location Tba, who worked for Facebook, or engineer 2 PM.FLOW.

The team wants to keep part of the mystery surrounding his identityand explains it the magic of the project is not really connected to our identities and our past experiences “.

One of the co-creators of the project is Arnold Tsang, famous concept artist based in Toronto, Canada. He is best known for his previous work in the video game industry, and especially on Blizzard’s Overwatch game.

Their goal is to create much more than a digital collection. They want to create a complete brand with a clothesline under development, and possibly TV shows and movies.

Price development on Azuki NFTs

nft collections

When the Azuki Collection was launched on January 12, 2022, each of the collection’s 8,700 were avatars price $ 3400. In a matter of minutes, everything was sold for a total of $ 30 million.

Subsequently, after the public sale, the creators of the project organized a private sale. Sets of NFT Azuki were sold for an additional $ 2 million.

Since then, following the unveiling of the NFTs, the bottom price of the collection has risen. In less than a month, it had already reached 10 ETH. In late March 2022, Azuki’s popularity exploded and the bottom price reached 40 ETH.

rare azuki

that NFT Azuki most expensive so far is # 9605, sold for 420 ETH, which is equivalent to $ 1.4 million back then. In a short time, this NFT project has reached unknown heights.

Why such a success?

Azuki NFTs quickly became popular, to that point surpass some flagship projects in terms of sales volume.

In a few months, this project brought together a large community. It is considered a “blue chip” within the NFT universealong with other popular collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.

At the time of writing these lines, the sales volume exceeds 190,000 ETH or the equivalent of $ 540 million at current prices.

Several factors explain this great success. Primarily, the artistic direction of the project appeals to many people. The manga style is very popular and hundreds of projects have been inspired by it after Azuki. The collection is especially popular among the Asian community.


Also, according to Tsang himself, the Azukis seem to fit in the rebel culture of skateboarders and in the crypto community. The stars were therefore well adjusted to allow for this phenomenal success.

That Marketing strategy of the project also seems to be bearing fruit. As soon as the collection began to take off, the design team announced an airdrop for proprietors to reward them for their loyalty while taking the Azuki brand to new heights.

Another success factor is the technical operation of the project. The collection was minted using ERC721A token standards : a variation of ERC721. This standard has been created by Chiru Labs to allow users to embed multiple NFTs in a single transaction, to reduce gas charges and shorten the embedding period. Today, more than 27 NFT projects use this standard.

According to the opinion of many NFT experts and collectors, Azuki can even surpass the Bored Ape Yacht Club in popularity.

What is the garden?

The garden is Azuki Project metaverse. NFT holders can access this virtual world and receive airdrops, live event invitations and more.

In the garden, art, culture and community braided to create magic. The boundary between the physical world and the virtual world is blurred and the rules are rewritten.

The BENZ collection

beanz nft

The BENZ collection is a side project related to Azuki. So far, however, only a few details have been released. The NFTs themselves have not yet been revealed.

The BEANZs were direct airdropped to Azuki holders on March 31, 2022. Each received two brand new NFTs but could not see them. Right now, the bottom line for BENZ is 5 ETH or about $ 14,000.

According to the creators, it’s the BENZs a small species that grows in garden soil. Be a sideman is in their DNA, but some like to kick it on their own. They are driven by a desire to help, but some BENZ feel called to pave their own path. “. An enigmatic description …

Users have the option to pair their BEANZs with their Azuki without changing the original NFT. Until now, only two of the ten BENZ grades has been revealed.

How to buy an NFT Azuki?

The two most popular platforms for buying Azuki NFTs are LooksRare and OpenSea. The collection is available by clicking on this link. You ought to connect your wallet MetaMask, Coinbase or any other crypto-wallet on the chosen platform.

To find the collection, just type “Azuki” in the search box and navigate to the official collection validated with a blue symbol. Select the NFT you want to buy and click the buy button.

Azuki Creator admits he left 3 old NFT projects

May 10, 2022 the creator of Azuki, nicknamed Zagabondconfessed through a blog post to have fraudulently abandoned previous NFT projects.

Before Azuki reveals Zagabond to have been working onCryptoPhunks, Tendies and Cryptozunks projects. However, all of these projects have been abandoned by their founding teams.

According to Zagabond, “ in these formative times, it is important that the community encourages creators to innovate and experiment. And each experience comes with important lessons learned “.

Despite this attempt to put things in perspective, Zagabond admits angered the NFT community. This blog post revives the debate over NFT scams …

Quickly, The Azuki base price on OpenSea has collapsed from 19 ETH (about $ 42,000) to 10.9 ETH (about $ 24,000). As of May 12, 2022, it is currently down at 9 ETH, or about $ 18,000 …

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