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According to a survey conducted by IFOP in 2018, every fourth Frenchman has already chosen to register on a dating site or an application. If we go back to 2006, when we were still only at the beginning of this phenomenon, well before the Tinder era (launched in 2012), it was half as likely that they had frequented this type of service.

amor to koma nul (224 pages, € 4.90), Alexandra Raillan

With this little book published by Marabout, Alexandra Raillan addresses more specifically to the fairer sex, who would find themselves a little lost on dating sites. How can one really meet the avalanche of requests coming from married men, perfect nerds, even queutards?

If it is very difficult to quickly find the rare gem, the author went directly to the source and interviewed registered men but also professionals from the dating world to learn a little more about the techniques used by those who are ready to do anything to To deceive their future partner. Here’s a little guide to putting in everyone’s hands to avoid pitfalls, with little tips to help you not waste time trying to clear the ocean before finding the right fish.

If the first pitfall for women is not to be taken for an idiot, on the part of men, it is above all a matter of constant competition. If you are having fun wandering around the pages to meet women, you will quickly realize the extremely important offer that exists. So how to choose? Each site has its own features and you have to separate the wheat from the chaff because many platforms seek to entice the customer by using fake profiles, to charge, but without real results …

I met someone on the internet (193 pages, € 19.90)

But if we persevere, we may get caught up in the game of the beautiful story. That’s what the book is about I met someone on the internet, published in 2021. We find a total of twenty-two true stories, romantic as you wish. These intriguing intrigues are told by the people who have had the chance to bring them to life, making these stories even more intriguing.

The reader is invited in this way to set foot behind the scenes of online dating. In fact, the book not only makes us dream with the story of good stories, it also gives advice to avoid pitfalls. A guide has also been attached to identify the dating site that can best live up to our expectations.

Mvere-sexuale.comStéphane Rose (192 pages, 15 €)

But if you’ve had enough of dreaming and you prefer to dive into the sad reality, a detour is essential to read Stéphane Rose’s work, with the already evocative title, and published by the very good house La Musardine. The author raises the curtain of what lies behind the beautiful marketing operations that we are witnessing around dating sites.

Far from the syrupy images that dot the Paris Metro, the user risks returning empty-handed, with high prices just to find themselves facing a very low female demand compared to the male birds of prey that seem to reproduce. There is autobiography in the book by Stéphane Rose, who himself was a regular user of Meetic before finally deciding to turn to Facebook instead, using softer and more subtle methods.

It is therefore a taxable study, but which also makes you smile from time to time to demystify online dating while walking around a business that is not dying out. Although Tinder has been hit by the health crisis, the connection interface, which belongs to the Match group, is often placed at the top of the most profitable applications …

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