Club Sportif Sedan Ardennes launches its exclusive NFT collection

CSSA launches the first NFT collection based on a football club’s mascot (Ardennes Wild Boar) to share an innovative experience with a community of crypto supporters.

An NFT collection for a historic club

Club Sportif Sedan Ardennes (CSSA) was founded in 1919 and is a veritable institution that enjoys a strong capital sympathy in the eyes of the public.

One of the oldest French football clubs has built a unique track record. After being French champion in D2 (1955) and D3 (1991), winner of two French cup tournaments (1956 and 1961), the club has a rich and fascinating history. Between 1954 and 1975, CSSA gave fifteen internationals and two coaches to the French team. As well as international matches for many African teams.

“Les Sangliers” has welcomed many future talents (Luc Sonor, Mustapha Dahleb …) and fantastic players such as René Charrier, Ulrich Ramé, Olivier Quint, Maxime Fulgenzy (the record holder for the number of league matches) or the excellent goal scorer Claude Breny ( 149 goals).

It is therefore a legendary team that takes the leap and embarks on a collection of NFTs to create more connections between supporters and the team. The project is intended to be fully participatory and with a real long-term vision for football and cryptocurrency lovers. The main purpose of this collection is to form a community of active fans who will be able to participate in all future developments and give their opinion on strategic choices.

The composition of the NFT collection

The NFT CSSA Boars collection has 11,011 characters with the club’s mascot.

A direct nod to the number of players present on the pitch, in fact, the football teams compete in 11 vs. 11. CSSA Boars decided to do a lot by drawing more than 230 attributes by hand, making the collection particularly diverse and unique.

The properties are of course references to football with football jerseys, for example, but also accessories like cannonballs (representing the attackers’ shots on the pitch) or impassable walls that suggest the goalkeepers. Find our analysis of football as a catalyst for the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Another peculiarity is that the collection is divided into 5 categories, representing the different players of the football team. We find: defenders, midfielders, goalkeepers and strikers, all at 2500 NFT. The last category is the staff, with 1011 NFT and the price of mint the highest at 0.25 ETH. The others have a price range from 0.05 to 0.20 ETH, with no gas charges.

Source: CSSA Boards

That white list by CSSA

For readers who like to finish articles, the best in the end!

In fact, CSSA Boars is launching a private sale on May 25, allowing you to purchase NFTs at discounted prices. In addition, are registered on white list will participate in a lottery for one airdropwith 11 members receiving an NFT for free.

  • CSSA Boars Defender: 0.03 ETH instead of 0.05 ETH
  • CSSA Boars midfielder: 0.07 ETH instead of 0.10 ETH
  • CSSA Boars Guardian: 0.10 ETH instead of 0.15 ETH
  • CSSA Boars Attacker: 0.15 ETH instead of 0.20 ETH
  • CSSA Boars Staff: 0.20 ETH instead of 0.25 ETH

However, this private sale has only 2202 seats, so you will have to wait for the public sale, 24 hours later, where for large buyers a discount of 0.025 ETH will be applied from 3 purchased NFTs.

The NFTs will be unveiled on May 28 during the “unveiling phase” following the random distribution of the works. Crypto supporters will then be able to discover the rarity level of their NFT boars and start enjoying all the benefits of the roadmap.

CSSA Boars is therefore in line with the pioneers of the French NFT. Sports and cryptocurrencies have existed side by side for a long time, and thanks to these local initiatives, the adoption of this new technology is taking another leap forward.

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