Polyamorous parents tell of their daily lives: “We do not know who the biological father of the children is”

Taya and Sean Hartless and Alysia and Tyler Rogers met online as they wanted to spice things up in their relationship, they tell SWNS. What was originally supposed to be a simple flirtation turned into love for all four of them. “None of us have been polyamorous before, we just met each other and fell in love”, Taya explains. The Americans therefore decide to meet in June 2019, after months of talking on the internet.

Admit that you are polyamorous

Since polyamory is new to everyone, the situation was not obvious. “From the first night we met, we all just wanted to see each other more. It was not easy – there was a lot of hesitation that we had feelings. Sean was the first to point it out. – he said:” We can do not deny that it happens “. We agreed to talk about it and see what the future would be like. At first I was very afraid to say it and admit my feelings for Tyler – I was afraid to let others into my life. But in the end, we admitted how we felt. “witnesses Taya.

All four indicate having a relationship “non-hierarchical”. They try to meet once a month, but they are also seen one-on-one and spend holidays and important events together. The features of this polyamorous relationship suit them so much that in early 2020, they decided to move into the same house in Oregon with their children, and each couple had one. In terms of organization, each Taya and Alysia have their own room, while Sean and Tyler sleep with one or the other depending on the moment.

They decide to expand their family

“Since we moved together, we have been parents to all the children. We are a big family unit”, Taya explains. Later, they even decided to expand their family by welcoming two more children. Alysia found out she was pregnant in August 2021, while Taya found out she was expecting a baby in March 2021. “There was no rule who was going to be a father and we said we did not care. We do not know and we do not want to know – we said we wanted to be parents to everyone.”explains the latter, who is the only stay-at-home parent in the family.

On April 3, 2021, Alysia gave birth to a little boy, and Taya also gave birth to a boy a little later, on August 11 of the same year. “I often think about how much I love our lives. I’m so excited about the future and raising our kids together. I can not wait for us to become the big, crazy family that goes everywhere together. It’s a mess , hectic, crazy, wonderful life – it pretty much sums us up. “says the American.

Since Taya is a stay-at-home mom, she takes care of the kids when the other parents go to work. “People ask me, ‘Does it make a difference that one of them is not biologically yours?’ But I’ve been at his house since he was a few months old, and he. There’s nothing I would change about my relationship with him if I was biologically related to him. I have a very easy time loving children of the people I love. “, she explains. As for the older kids, they proudly tell everyone they have “two mothers and two fathers”. They call Taya “Mama”, Alysia “Mom”, Sean “Daddy” and Tyler “Dad”.

Critics about their polyamory

With SWNS, Taya acknowledges that this polyamorous relationship was not accepted by all their relatives and that they were even “rejected” by some friends and family members. Nevertheless, most of their inner circle supported them. “A lot of people do not understand polyamory and think it’s deviant or unhealthy in some way. It’s true that it’s not always easy – it took me a while to admit that I had feelings for someone else – and we definitely get jealous sometimes.But now it’s so natural for us and I’m so grateful to have more partners to raise kids with.Why do not you want more love and support? […] I never think we will stop learning and we know our relationship will constantly change. But we’re going to roll with the punches and make it work. We are different from everyone else, but it’s okay – and we have made it clear to our children that they can be who they want to be. “, she says. As long as everyone is happy, that’s all that matters!

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