Towards a more accessible, simpler and equally fruitful cryptocurrency

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LiteBit, the platform that democratizes cryptocurrencies

The Dutch company LiteBit was created by cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It is very simple, the first currency referred to on this professional platform broker known for its seriousness was the creation of the house, Litecoin. Since then, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Cardano or even Solana have been bought, sold and managed on LiteBit. It was in 2017, with the launch of its new site, that this platform, which focuses on security, ease of use and simplicity, made its mark on European insiders.

With more than 60 offered cryptocurrencies and an application available on iOS and Google Play, LiteBit is the essential solution for diversified investment and responsive portfolio management. As for your purchases, all you need is a bank card to start investing in the cryptocurrency you want.

What return can one expect with cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies can provide phenomenal returns, implying equally impressive declines. As their market is not regulated, the risk of price losses is significant. When it’s time to win, the amounts are all the more important. By 2020, the star of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, had thus risen by 309%. The price of Ethereum showed a growth of 459%. The year 2021 has also been favorable for them. Take Bitcoin for example, between February 2021 and February 2022 it peaked at € 57,048.80 (end of 2021) but had reviewed a value of € 26,349.70 in August. Despite their volatility, these investments managed to hold up. Although 2022 got off to a weak start with a slight general decline in all prices, the long-term outlook can be very profitable.

Security, a key issue

Completely digital, cryptocurrencies cannot be stored in banks. Therefore, one of the main challenges in investing in these digital currencies is security. First of all, there is the reliability in terms of the legality of the platform. In fact, according to the Autorité des marchés financiers, during the first four months of 2021, 2.5 million euros were stolen after advertising scams that proclaimed investments in cryptocurrencies. With LiteBit, investors have the security to invest their capital in a reliable company. Then, in order to keep and protect cryptocurrencies, it is important to find a wallet (“ wallet in the language) for sure.

The great strength of LiteBit is to offer a marketplace for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, but also a wallet which can accommodate most of the currencies offered on the site. In fact, all cryptocurrencies have their own blockchain, they can not be combined in the same portfolio. LiteBit centralizes all these investments for free in your secure account. It does not stop there, as the tool offered by LiteBit is what is called a “cold wallet”. Once you have completed your transactions online, you will keep them offline. This limits the risk of hacking.

To guarantee you optimal protection, LiteBit uses two-factor authentication (2FA). This means that in addition to the password, a new 6-digit code must be entered to confirm certain actions. You can select the 2FA code sent via SMS or authentication app. The latter will generate a different code every 30 seconds to use whenever you want. Google Authenticator, Lastpass Authenticator and Authy are the ones suggested by LiteBit. Using an authentication app is the solution recommended by the platform.

Easy operation within everyone’s reach

To invest in cryptocurrencies with LiteBit, you simply need to be of legal age and create an account as on any other platform. Email address and phone number are confirmed before selecting the two-factor authentication method. You can then immediately proceed to purchase. The cryptocurrencies are all listed with their unit price and the course development over the last 24 hours. Each currency is presented on a dedicated page, where investors can also find a graph that provides an overview of price fluctuations over an hour, day, week, month or year.

To place an order, it happens as on a classic website: product selection, information about the desired information, confirmation and payment. The latter can be made in euros using a debit card or in LiteBit credits. A LiteBit credit is equal to 1 euro. This feature allows you to create a virtual portfolio dedicated to your crypto investments. By using LiteBit credits, you can buy your orders directly and enjoy instant processing.

And the sales in all this? Nothing is easier! Go to the page with your “Wallets” where all the cryptocurrencies in your possession are located. Click the “Sell” button for the currency you want to get rid of, enter the quantity you want to sell and confirm. The amount of your sale will be credited to your account in LiteBit credits. These can then be paid into a bank account by entering an IBAN.

Tailor-made support

For the sake of integrity, LiteBit does not provide investment advice. However, the platform offers attentive customer service. An automated chat available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is thus available to investors. During the day, a telephone assistance provides answers to all your questions. With an e-mail response within 24 hours and a service (e-mail and telephone) dedicated to fraud, LiteBit ensures a trade transparent and fluid while reassuring its customers.

With LiteBit, it is possible until March 30, 2022 to take advantage of a credit of € 20 after registration and account confirmation.

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