video games join visual arts, cinema and music

After works of art, music or cinemas, video games are the new target for NFTs. UScertificate of authenticity of an object, virtual or genuine, NFT is unique and can not be exchanged for an equivalent, hence the name: “Non-Fungible Token”, which means “non-fungible token” in French, highly rated digital assets, but still limited to a limited audience.

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Almost unknown last year, now backed by unseen scenes from the film pulp fiction, exclusive albums, virtual sneakers … NFTs have aroused enormous enthusiasm among creators, but have not yet become mass objects. The French video game giant Ubisoft has just issued 2,000 for equipment (weapons, helmets, vehicles) that can be used in its shooting games Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. A first step to democratize NFTs beyond just insiders?

Today, NFTs remain a niche market. On the contrary, we are a very popular industry. The idea is to bring these two worlds together in the best possible way and make NFTs accessible to as many people as possible.“, Argues to AFP Nicolas Pouard, vice president of the strategic innovation laboratory at Ubisoft.

Ubisoft is not the only publisher of video games interested in it. Its US competitor Electronic Arts (The Sims, Fifa) has announced that they will also be launching, while mobile game specialist Voodoo plans to invest $ 200 million in studios dedicated to the “blockchain”, the “blockchain” on which the NFT approval process is based.

the “play-to-earn” model, in video games such as Axie Infinity or Sorare, which makes it possible to earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and therefore help the most skilled players make ends meet, also experiences an unprecedented development. “Imagine how many years we played video games for nothing. Today you can spend two hours of your day playing a great game and be able to add an extra source of income“, Confides Franklin Ovalles, a 40 American collector of NFT.

However, the whole industry is not gathered. “I think there’s a lot of speculation and experimentation going on right now, and some of the creations I see are more for profit than entertainment.“, in mid-November, entrusted the head of Microsoft’s Xbox video game division, Phil Spencer, to the American website Axios. Ubisoft’s first foray into this field enabled it to sell its 2,000” digital objects “in 30 minutes while evolving. of crypto assets, a category of virtual objects that belong to NFTs but also bitcoin for example, seems limitless.

The next five years are a billion people“, even though “many“billionaires who will have access to cryptocurrencies will believe Pascal Gauthier, head of Ledger, a secure portfolio platform that allows them to be stored. In the immediate future, the market will only benefit a minority of investors and pose risks.”Only 28.5% of NFTs purchased during their creation and then sold on a platform generate a profitSays the specialized data platform Chainalysis.

As long as interest rates are low and money is largely free, people will take risks in the NFT universe. That said, I would not be surprised if some of the most speculative NFTs lost most of their value within a few weeks. “warns Jonathan Teplitsky, head of an agency specializing in NFTs.

Not enough to deter other parts of the cultural market, though. The French startup Edith & Nous, which facilitates the connection between authors and publishers and ensures the submission of manuscripts thanks to the blockchain, aims to launch NFTs in the field of literature and publishing in the long run. “This represents a huge potential for us.“, explains Valentin Vauchelles, its CEO, including for”pre-financing of future authors. “

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