Club Sportif Sedan Ardennes launches its exclusive NFT collection!

This digital asset makes it possible to attach a digital object such as an image, a video, an audio extract, etc. to a deed validated by the principles of blockchain. NFT therefore provides an opportunity to establish digital scarcity.

The newfound popularity of NFTs translates into numbers: The market literally exploded with record growth of 21,350% last year. (Source: NFT Markets Annual Report 2021, January 2022).

And the phenomenon continues to grow. Not a week goes by without a brand launching its own project.

Today, it is the Club Sportif Sedan Ardennes (CSSA) that plays the avant-garde by creating the first NFT collection based on the mascot of a football club.

An original, innovative and exciting project … that of a popular football club with a prestigious past, a promising future and its legendary symbol, the wild boar of the Ardennes.

Thus, a partnership agreement has been signed, through the subsidiary Metaplus, between CSSA and Coinception, an agency specializing in the creation of NFT units for brands, which manages the operational aspect of the project.

“Through its values, CSSA is much more than a football club. Really rooted in trends, the integration of non-fungible tokens into the club’s vision has obviously forced us. We are happy to share such an experience with our community of followers.”
Marc Dubois, President of CSSA

100% unique CSSA boars

Club Sportif Sedan Ardennes (CSSA) created a surprise by creating an NFT collection of 11,011 characters bearing the image of the club’s mascot.
This pre-determined number is a nod to the 2 teams of 11 players on the field (11 vs. 11). It also reflects the fully committed interdisciplinary team of 11 people dedicated to the success of this project. 11 … just like the 11 players on the field!
Each CSSA Boars is unique in that it is hand-drawn by the designer and randomly generated using an algorithm of 150 attributes. These characteristics (accessories, eye color, football jerseys, etc.) give each NFT a unique character and determine its value in the collection according to their rarity.

Another originality of the project that will appeal to football lovers: the collection is divided into 5 categories of CSSA Boards, each representing a key position in the field and a specific quality (endurance, concentration, technicality, agility, strategy).

Each supporter will thus be able to find “his” wild boars among the proposed teams:
• Defender – 2,500 NFTs (0.05 ETH): the central defender and fullback represent the first defense before the goalkeeper.
• Midfielder – 2,500 NFTs (0.10 ETH): Defensive midfielder, runner or attacker, they have the stamina to defend and attack.
Goalkeeper – 2,500 NFTs (0.15 ETH): a key role in a match as you must never let the ball pass over the line.
Striker – 2,500 NFTs (0.20 ETH): center striker or striker, supporting striker or winger, all in a strategic position.
• Staff – 1,011 NFTs (0.25 ETH): coach, physical trainer, doctors, manager … are the key players in the shadow.

A collection that makes you want to put on the frying pans

By investing in a CSSA Boars NFT, followers not only buy a unique digital work of art, they also join the few “happy few” who will be able to enjoy a VIP experience.
CSSA Boars provide access to a community of “crypto supporters” who will be rewarded with benefits that evolve over time. Gifts will be regularly distributed to holders; they will participate in a preview of exclusive virtual events or will have privileged access to capsule collections on the occasion of future collaborations … But that is not all, society will participate in all future developments, for example by voting on strategic choices.

Football lovers will truly be won by this participatory project and its long-term vision!

How to get a CSSA Boars?

From April, the launch date of the project, everyone can try to get their place on a whitelist to access the private sale, which takes place on May 17, 2022. This will make it possible to buy the CSSA boars at a favorable price.

CSSA Boars Defender: 0.03 ETH instead of 0.05 ETH
CSSA Boars midfielder: 0.07 ETH instead of 0.10 ETH
CSSA Boars Guardian: 0.10 ETH instead of 0.15 ETH
CSSA Boars Attacker: 0.15 ETH instead of 0.20 ETH
CSSA Boars Staff: 0.20 ETH instead of 0.25 ETH

But be careful, only 2202 seats are available for this preview!

The next day, May 18, the public sale will be open to all. For the biggest fans, a discount of 0.025 ETH will be applied from 3 purchased NFTs.

You will then have to wait until Friday, May 20, to find out which CSSA boars have been assigned to buyers and find out their rarity. In fairness, the distribution of works happens randomly, as in a kind of artistic lottery.

The (big) little extra: people on the whitelist are also participating in a lottery for Airdrop. In June, after a draw, 11 of them will have the chance to receive a free NFT.

About Club Sportif Sedan Ardennes (CSSA)
Club Sportif Sedan Ardennes (CSSA) was founded in 1919 and is a veritable institution that enjoys a strong capital sympathy in the eyes of the public.
One of the oldest clubs in French football has built a unique record. After being French champion in D2 (1955) and D3 (1991), winner of two French cup tournaments (1956 and 1961), the club has a rich and fascinating history. Between 1954 and 1975, CSSA gave fifteen internationals and two coaches to the French team, as well as internationals to many African teams.
“Les Sangliers” has welcomed many future talents (Luc Sonor, Mustapha Dahleb, etc.) and fantastic players such as René Charrier, Ulrich Ramé, Olivier Quint, Maxime Fulgenzy (the record holder for the number of league matches) or the excellent goal scorer Claude Breny (149 Goal).
Fighting spirit, rigor, solidarity, humility and enthusiasm: CSSA has always conveyed strong values, associated with the desire to be part of a resolutely innovative attitude, as a simple but ambitious club.
“Investing in a CSSA Boars NFT is investing in a project for the future led by a football club that is more than a century old!” Marc Dubois, President of CSSA

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