Cooler Master XG 750 Platinum Review

Cooler Master offers several ranges of power supplies, including the XG series. After the XG Plus 850 Platinum we tested last January, we looked at its big sister, the XG 750 Platinum.

As the name suggests, the power is 750 Watts. Certified 80 Plus Platinum, it has premium mechanics to limit energy waste. The equipment includes 100% modular cable management, but we don’t have an aRGB display panel that provides real-time performance monitoring. In return, Cooler Master offers STCM (Smart Thermal Control Mode) technology that enables a semi-fanless mode.

Cooler Master XG 750 Platinum

We put it to the test to know its potential. Is she quiet? Are the tensions stable?

XG 750 Platinum, overview

In the high-end ATX power segment, Cooler Master launched the XG Platinum range a few months ago. We find two families with the XG and XG Plus editions. In both cases, these power supplies benefit from a platform designed by the manufacturer. We have 80Plus Platinum label mechanics, 100% modular cable management and 10 years warranty.

Cooler Master XG 750 Platinum

The XG Platinum comes with STCM (Smart Thermal Control Mode) technology allowing for a semi-fanless mode. Our XG 750 Platinum offers 750 Watts of power and meets the requirements of the 80 Plus label in its “Platinum” award. So we have the guarantee of a high yield and ensure a hunt for energy waste. The block limits its heat production and thus its cooling requirement. We can hope for a silent power supply and an electricity bill that best meets our needs.

Cooler Master XG 750 Platinum

The block is presented by a steel frame with marked lines. The clean look offers a “Full Black” finish and stamped side panels. The fan guard is not independent.

Cooler Master XG 750 Platinum

It is part of the chassis. The completely black fan is equipped with 11 blades. It is a 135mm model capable of reaching 1800 rpm at full speed for noise levels below 25 dBa bar. Speed ​​is calibrated using Smart Thermal Control Mode technology.

Cooler Master XG 750 Platinum

It can be activated with a small button on the back, next to the main switch. This hybrid cooling enables a fanless mode at low load. Cooler Master still calls a stationary fan up to 50% load.

The block has dimensions of 150 x 86 mm with a depth of 160 mm. The wiring is 100% modular. Obviously the various bars are all removable so you can only connect what is needed. This is especially useful for mounting. Excess in the box is avoided and less time is required for storage. Added to this is a flat cable design.

Cooler Master XG 750 Platinum

Again, this is a plus, especially when routing the back of the motherboard tray. Note that the bundle includes a pouch for unused cables.

Cooler Master XG 750 Platinum

A total of 11 plugs at the rear ensure this 100% modular cable management. We find a 24-pin ATX, two 4+4 and 8-pin EPS, 12 SATA, 4 Molex and four 6+2-pin PCIe.

Internally, the mechanics meet the limitations of the 80 Plus Platinum label.

Cooler Master XG 750 Platinum - 80 Plus Platinum Certified

Cooler Master XG 750 Platinum – 80 Plus Platinum Certified

A short tour of the “CleaResult” site provides access to the compliance sheet. It announces an average return of 91.25%. Added to this is an ATX12V v2.53 block that offers various protections including OPP, OVP, OCP, UVP, SCP, OTP and even surge protection. Power is distributed via an LLC + DC-DC half-bridge topology and a single +12V rail capable of supplying 62.5A at 20A for the +3.3V and 20A lines.

Our XG 750 Platinum comes with a 10-year warranty

Test protocol

Intel socket LGA 2011 v3.

  • Motherboard: Asus P9X79,
  • Processor: Core i7-3960x,
  • Graphics Card: ROG STRIX Geforce RTX 2080 OC Edition,
  • Heat Sink: Dark Rock SLIM,
  • Storage: 1TB SCORPIO BLUE HDD.

We found several data:

Fluctuations of +12V and +5 Volts using two digital voltmeters in different places,

  • PFC values,
  • Noise disturbance,
  • The total power consumption of the test setup.

During various exercises, the PFC and the electricity consumption are measured with a digital wattmeter. First idle with the OS loaded, but no activity, then during a CPU and GPU test at 100% load. Each test is repeated three times and the average is calculated. We use the utility OCCT 5.5.1 (Test Power + Full HD).

You will also find an evaluation of the financial and environmental costs over a year of our test platform (processor, motherboard, graphics card, etc.). We integrated the obtained results with power supplies.

XG 750 platinum, achievement.

Fluctuating voltages.

Here is the percentage fluctuation of the two main voltages, +5V and +12V.

XG 750 Platinum - Voltage Stability

XG 750 Platinum – Voltage Stability

With fluctuations between 0.8 and 0.9%, the +5V and +12V lines offer good stability. We have no record, but we are far from the maximum allowed by the ATX standard. We find the advantages of the XG Plus 850 Platinum, which is not surprising given that the two blocks share the same mechanics.

PFC values.

This property is framed by the 80Plus certification. The aim is to clean up the electricity grid by limiting the return of harmonics. The more the power supply provides a PFC close to 1, the more it is considered a “clean” block.

XG 750 Platinum - PFC Values

XG 750 Platinum – PFC Values

Our measurements position the PFC between 0.76 and 0.97, depending on the charge level. Nothing to complain about, it’s perfect. We find exactly the two average values ​​of all our food tests labeled 80Plus.

XG 750 Platinum, environmental report


XG 750 Platinum - Noise pollution

XG 750 Platinum – Noise pollution

The block benefits from hybrid cooling using the Smart Thermal Control Mode. The Fanless world makes it possible to have an inaudible power supply at low loads. In reality, the energy requirement of our configuration was not sufficient to activate the fan. So we have benefited from a power supply without any noise pollution, regardless of the charge level! To activate the fan, we had to replace the graphics card using a GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. After 10 minutes the fan kicked on while staying at low speed.

Without the “Smart Thermal Control Mode” the balance remains positive with noise pollution between 35.8 and 36.6 dBA, which remains discreet.

Electricity consumption.

The presence of the 80 Plus Platinum label guarantees a high return (>90%).

XG 750 Platinum - Power Consumption

XG 750 Platinum – Power Consumption

Our platform consumes between 66 and 504 watts, depending on demand. There are no nasty surprises. The balance is perfect with ‘Premium’ performance on this question. The profile is identical to other blocks that are also stamped 80 Plus Platinum, such as the MaxTytan 1250 Watt or the ION+ 860P.

It is worth noting that consumption is between 77.8 and 550.8 Watts with only an 80 Plus power supply. This difference between 11 and 46 Watt results in a saving on the electricity bill and less heat to dissipate.

Annual financial costs and carbon footprint.

The consumptions at rest and in combustion allow us to calculate the annual operating costs of our platform and the operational CO2 footprint.

EDF rates from January 2022

EDF rates from January 2022

Our working base is a daily use of 6 hours per day, 365 days per year with a rate of €0.1558 per billed kWh (regulated rates in mainland France on 01/01/2021 from EDF for a subscribed power of 6 kVA ).

Monthly indicator of greenhouse gas emissions in 2020-2021 (in g CO2-equivalent per kWh)

Monthly indicator of greenhouse gas emissions in 2020-2021 (in g CO2-equivalent per kWh)

The EDF indicator, in grams of CO2 equivalent for the production of 1 kWh, has been set at 21.6 grams (period November 2020 to November 2021). It is synonymous with the rate of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the production of the electricity consumed.

XG 750 Platinum – Annual Operating Expenses

Specifically, our platform with this XG 750 Platinum has annual operating costs between € 22.6 and € 172. We find approximately the same profile as with the XG Plus 850 Platinum. Equipped with an 80 Plus block, our platform has a higher operating cost as it rises between 26.5 and 187.9 €.

XG 750 Platinum - Carbon Footprint of Operations

XG 750 Platinum – Operational Carbon Footprint

The verdict is identical on the issue of the operation’s carbon footprint. It is between 3.1 and 23.9 kilograms of CO2 equivalent compared to 3.7 and 26.1 kilograms of CO2 equivalent with the Max Pro II 600 Watt.



Service / Price

With this XG 750 Platinum Cooler Master you can draw an excellent power supply. Positioned at €169.90, it is aimed at the top of the range with services to match.

The mechanics with the 80 Plus Platinum label minimizes energy waste and allows fairer consumption. In use, the fanless mode works wonders. During our testing, the block was either inaudible or silent. Tension stability is well controlled while modular cable management is convenient, as is the choice of a flat design for the various beams.

In the end we don’t have much to complain about. The bundle includes a pouch for unnecessary cables while the warranty is 10 years, enough to have long-term confidence in the mechanics. However, a rate would deserve a slight downward adjustment to make it unavoidable.

Top Silence - GinjFo

Top Silence – GinjFo

Top Performance GinjFo

Top Performance – GinjFo

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