Cryptoast publishes a book at Larousse to Understand Bitcoin

The publication of a book on cryptocurrency in French is always an event that we would like to highlight on Cryptonews, especially if the book in question is good, as is the case with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, understand well before investinga book published by Larousse editions and written by our colleagues on the site Cryptocast (Clement Wardzala, Valentin Deme, Alexis Nouaille and Thomas Herbst) under the leadership of Robin Berné.

This is good news, the list of good “crypto books” is starting to grow, and the reading opportunities for information are increasing over the months. We presented to you The perfect book to get started with the NFTs Thibault kastepude (also author of Understand Bitcoin in just 2 hours! And Understand Ethereum in just 2 hours! ), Order Become an expert in stock chart analysis of Vincent Launay or the book of David St-Onge All about Bitcoin, understanding it and using it without forgetting the reference work of Saifed ammunition L ‘Bitcoin stallion (Bitcoin standards).

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, understand well before investing is a 150-page book aimed at beginners, but also at those who already have the basics of the cryptocurrency world but would like to consolidate them.

The authors had the good idea to start with a chapter on the history of money, where they “set the table” by returning in particular to the classic definition of money, the gold standard, the concept of value reserve, the increase in money supply, the production of trusted money or even the loss of dollar purchasing power. from 1913 to today. Once these basic principles have been laid down, it becomes easier for the reader to understand the extent to which Bitcoin is a viable alternative option to redeem money as it exists today.

The second chapter is logically devoted to Bitcoin and is particularly well-supplied, the authors return, among other things, to the creation of BTC, the key figures who allowed its existence, key dates, etc. The group of journalists does not hesitate to go into quite technical considerations (UTXO, principle of Bitcoin transactions, operation of public / private keys) and at the same time make them very digestible for crypto-neophytes.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, understand well before investing / Larousse Editions

The use of many color images, graphs, computer graphics, and other explanatory boxes makes reading this book particularly enjoyable. We also appreciate the use of QR codes that link directly to the articles for those who want to dig a little deeper into this or that topic.

The examples are very concrete and anchored in reality to explain eg blockchain “Five friends go on holiday and do the accounting when and when they spend on an empty notepad …”.

Altcoins are not omitted and the most important other blockchains (Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, Avalanche, etc.) are reviewed. Decentralized financing (DeFi) and the now essential NFTs are also explained.

We especially like the clear and sharp conclusion

“Do you think you found out all about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? You’re wrong.”

Very positive judgment therefore for this book, which costs € 14.95 and which will find its place in your crypto library.

The content of the book Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, understand well before investing (Larousse Editions):

  • History and philosophy of cryptocurrencies
  • What is Bitcoin?
  • Other cryptocurrencies
  • Buy, sell and store
  • Fundraising in cryptocurrencies
  • Decentralized economy
  • Non-fungible tokens (NFT)
  • Tokenization and token economy
  • Taxation and regulation
  • These Frenchmen and these French companies that make Bitcoin
  • A bit of foresight (4 scenarios for 2030)
  • Glossary: ​​all the specific terms present in the book

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