discover his controversial film, which has never been shown on television

The topic was considered “Too heavy” and condemned the film on television. The chains would not Long live France, by Michael Youn. “It almost hurts me. The movie was purchased by a channel that was supposed to show it and did not show it. It’s heartbreaking that this movie is not better known than that. “he entrusted in August 2021 to our colleagues from BFM TV. But good news: the movie is back and streamed this time. Prime Video has purchased the rights, and the feature film will arrive on the platform on Friday, May 13th. A look back at the making of this film, which attracted only 1 million viewers when it was released. Carried by José Garcia and Michaël Youn, Long live France almost never saw the light of day due to lack of funding. Basically motivated by the success of Fatal, Michaël Youn wanted to release a comedy about Christelle Bazookathe main character playing opposite Yelle in Talk to my hand.

A failed attack in Rome gives him the idea of ​​Vive La France

Until one of his friends gives him the idea of ​​what will become the film. “An attack was to be committed in Rome. The plane had been diverted to Naples, however the two terrorists did not resist for very long. We found one on a vacant lot and the other was stung by children. My buddy sent me the information that told meyou, ‘If you want to carry out attacks in Italy, that’s what’s happening‘” He told BFM TV. Thus, he joins the screenwriters Dominique Gauriaud and Yuri Prette to imagine a story with the ambition that it should be completely detached from Borat. And rightly so: the script for this latest feature film is based on a sexist and bigot Kazakh journalist, while it Long live France follows Feruz and Muzafar, two naive shepherds from Tabboulistan who fail only in their attempts at attack. “Because of the mustache and the accent, we often brought them together, though that was not really our intention. The subjects are so different. What do you want, in those countries many people have mustaches. I can do nothing! “

The accent in Vive La France, a long-term task

That and the accent that is. Strictly worked, accent.We picked up a Turkish actor, an Afghan actor and an Algerian actor. They were asked to read the texts with their accent. We recorded everything and with José we listened to it on repeat. Since it was an imaginary country, our accents had to be identical. We had fixed words that we had to pronounce in the same way. It was also necessary to make tabouli from scratch, a mix of Turkish and Spanish. We had to learn lines of text in a language that meant absolutely nothing. ” But in between Borat and Long live France, the themes are diametrically opposed. With Long live France, Michael Youn’s intention was to “to show that being French is connected to where you are”, he explained. “It is often said that Italy and Germany have a very strong regionalism. But we are a little hypocritical about that! France is also very, very regionalist. In the provinces, ‘to be French’ means to be Parisian. Since no one wants to call themselves Parisian, every person that Feruz and Muzafar meet in Corsica, Marseille or the Basque Country tells them that they are not in France! It is a way for them to fight against Parisian centralism inherited from the French Revolution. “ he hinted.

Michaël Youn writes Vive la France with Les Tontons Flingueurs

Long live France was written in 2011. “The words and sentences should sing. We always try to find the right punchline that will go down in the story and that we will repeat. Every time we try to write something as strong as “Do not touch the pig bee, bitch!” “, with reference to the film Tontons flingueurs. The recordings will take place in the summer of 2012. Four years later, the 2015 attacks hit France, which did Long live France a movie “unfortunately avant-garde”which is therefore deprived of TV. “I remember Valérie Boyer, who works in cinema on France 2 and who financed part of the film, who looked at me with wet eyes. She told me, ‘I believe in Michaël that your film will never be shown on TV’. “

“I’m glad I did”

However, there is no doubt about his fame. Beuze Where Fatal undertook to give him a reputation as a good instructor. “They still stop me on the street every day to talk to me about Fatal, but rarely to talk to me about Vive la France. It happens to me sometimes. People really liked it, probably because it’s more tender, more bittersweet. “ And to add: I’m glad I did. I did it at a happy time in my life. I did it with my wife. My daughter had just been born. There’s my wife’s son. There are friends. “

Article written in collaboration with 6Medias.

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