George Brassens, Jean Ferrat, Eddie Barclay … “Secret Archives” returns with “Friends First”

France 3 is programming another issue of the collection of documentaries proposed by Laurent Delahousse, Friday, May 13 at. 21.10.

I am not separated from my friends, they are just as important to me as women and parties. They’re my family“, Confirmed Eddie Barclay. Whether it’s the famous record company manager, or Georges Brassens, Line Renaud, Serge Gainsbourg, without forgetting Jean Ferrat, it’s truly friendship that is at issue in these “Secret Archives”. An original documentary, divided into five chapters, which includes rare or even unpublished images and sound recordings.

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In 1964, Georges Brassens clearly announced the color with Friends first. A title he performed in the mid-1970s on a television set, surrounded by Lino Ventura, Fred Mella (Les Compagnons de la Chanson) or Raymond Devos. All have known each other for more than 20 years and are regulars at the Moulin de la Bonde, in Crespières, in Yvelines, where the singer-songwriter and performer likes to gather his friends’ band. This also includes Charles Aznavour and Boby Lapointe. With his camera, Fred Mella captured these moments. We thus discover Georges Brassens in the company of his friends, playing with his parrot or having fun on an exercise bike. “They had fun together, they were friends, they were guys who had known each other since the 40s or 50s. It was a colony of children“Summarizes son of Fred Mella. The documentary also reveals unseen images of a reunion between friends on Christmas Eve with Charles Aznavour at the piano. “Friendship helps me write all my songssaid Georges Brassens.

“Line Renaud has a lot to do with what I am as a woman today”

Claude Chirac

With Line Renaud, the friendly relationship takes on a different dimension. The one who wanted to be a mother but did not have children chose two daughters of the heart: Claude Chirac and Muriel Robin. “I had intuitively, humanly, a kind of self-confidence. I felt very comfortable with her, which is quite rare for me by nature. As if I had always known her“says the daughter of the former president of the republic. She adds:”Line has a lot to do with who I am as a woman today. She allowed me to grow, to develop myself, to become better, to become wiser in many things in life, to be more tolerant, more open“As for Muriel Robin, pictures taken during parties testify to the participation of the two women. We see Line Renaud present her as”his adopted daughter“. Together they went on stage in 2007 for the play Runaways. “When I think of Line, I see love, love, love“, Admits the actress and comedian.

20,000 shots covering 50 years of life

For Gainsbourg, “Secret Archives” focuses on his friendship with the police, based on testimonies from Michel Bouchet, former head of the Stups Brigade, and Jean-Marc Bloch from the 6th Division of the Judicial Police in Paris. In the 80s, the singer began frequenting police stations near rue de Verneuil, where he lived, and then ended up appearing on 36 quai des Orfèvres. “It was a bit of an evening guest. He had his habits. From time to time he made a phone call and said, “I’m coming.” It was the plaster of the trunkremembers Jean-Marc Bloch. He was, in quotes, a little at home. As for Michel Bouchet, he remembers a Gainsbourg who occasionally had the police take him home late at night.

Invisible footage also illustrates the band at Barclay. Cathy, his seventh wife, talks about their union in the presence of seven witnesses, all friends of Eddie Barclay: Alain Delon, Philippe Bouvard, Darry Cowl, Carlos, Thierry Le Luron, Jean Yanne and Jean Lefèvre. The pictures, which were then taken by Léo Messir, artistic director, and broadcast for the first time, take us to the famous parties organized by the head of the record company. He also films summers in Villa du Cap de Ramatuelle, where celebrities and anonymous people meet. Guillaume Barclay, the son Eddie had with his third wife, kept the 20,000 pictures of his father who “cover fifty years of life, the people he met, his wives, his parties, his friendsImages that we discover in these “Secret Archives” and which show us Eddie Barclay with Brigitte Bardot, Quincy Jones, Eddy Mitchell, Mireille Darc or Elton John.

“We meet people in life who sometimes change the course of your life. Often it’s love, but it’s also friendship.

John Ferrat

Far from glitter and showbiz, it is in the Ardèche, in the small village of Antraigues-sur-Volane, that Jean Ferrat forges sincere friendships. This place will inspire his most famous title, The mountain. He discovered this city in 1964 and settled there permanently nine years later. His friend François Perrin reveals pictures of petanque games in which the singer participates. Rare documents also show him at parties with friends or on a Shrove Tuesday night, disguised as a hussar. “We meet people in life who sometimes change the course of your life. Often it is love, but it is also friendshiprecognizes Jean Ferrat. That’s what happened to Jean (Saussac, Mayor of the Village, Ed) ”. Without the latter, the singer confesses: “I would not have come to this country, I would not have written the things I wrote, I would not have been the same“.

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By May 2021, the first issue of “Secret Archives”, titled “In the privacy of our idols”, had attracted 1.9 million viewers (9% of PDAs), thus placing the show at the foot of the podium.

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