his ex Romane Serda reveals the reasons for their divorce

Renaud is a singer who could enjoy an incredible career in the early 2000s. But the latter has experienced many setbacks and must now rebuild his life. In addition, Romane Serda has revealed the reasons for her divorce with the latter!

Renaud, from glory to oblivion?

It is a name that we all know from near or far. The singer Renaud is known for his many songs that have made millions of French people dance.

He especially managed to make himself known thanks to the lyrics of his last, which was a real success. It thus showed very clearly its affiliation with certain political movements, which made it possible to assert many messages.

There is no doubt that he has influenced many people through his lyrics. But he also knew how to make a name for himself thanks to it, and thanks to his hoarse voice.

But for many years the situation has gotten worse. Between disillusionments and poor communication, the latter found himself on the sidelines of his success.

One of his former companions in particular expressed the reasons for his separation from Renaud, highlighting certain personal problems for the singer.

Romane Serda is divorced from Renaud!

It is a love story that could have had a beautiful ending and continuity, but sadly ended. In fact, singer Renaud took a long time to see his companion Romane Serda fall under his spell.

Thus, the two met in 1999, at the Closerie des Lilas. And the latter will have made many calls before he saw the young woman give in to love.

But she ends up succumbing to it, and almost 10 years of strong and intense relationship unites the two lovers.

As in many relationships, the first years go really well and they go very fast. They also led to an express wedding in Las Vegas before going before the mayor of France in 2005. The following year, the family grew as Renaud and Romane Serda became parents to a little boy, Malone.

But after only six years of marriage, the two boyfriends divorced and all this happened in 2011. A difficult decision to make, but necessary for everyone’s best, according to the 51-year-old artist’s words at the Paris Match in 2020.

In fact, when they meet, Roman Serda is aware that Renaud is already fighting against old demons that are eating at him.

It will also say the following: I could see he was not feeling well. But under his sour gaze, I discovered a funny man, so endearing. We take on a whim to Italy, we live freely. I understand that he is fighting his demons. For example, he tries not to drink for six days. But very quickly he counts the hours before the seventh“.

A difficult decision to make, but which was to the benefit of the two lovers.

A behavior that does not weaken?

The reasons for this usurpation are very numerous, and it is especially the demons of the singer Renaud who are responsible for it.

In fact, the latter appeared to be exposed to episodes of paranoia, which had a strong impact on his daily life.

The latter was convinced of being spied on by the Soviets, which caused a real shock to those closest to him.

His companion thus had the impression of having two children in her care. As she clarifies by saying the following: One that I had to learn everything from, another 55-year-old who constantly asked me to take care of him, who had a permanent need to be the center of attention“.

But their relationship is still cordial, despite the separation and the various aspects that have shaped their lives. It is especially stated the following: He’s the father of my son, he’s my family. He knows I will always be there for him, even if it took time to accept the idea that I had another man in my life.“. A separation for a good concerning Renaud’s former companion.

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