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[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] If it was not very popular a few years ago, cryptocurrency has now regained its noble letters. Except that investing in virtual currency involves some knowledge of its contours, which is still not very accessible to the public. Companies like LiteBit are now helping to democratize this type of investment. Let them, through their voice, take stock of the most important regulations to be integrated before we begin.

Buying a Bitcoin does not involve a significant amount

Bitcoin is the largest and most expensive cryptocurrency in the world today. If this information can slow down the general conscience to take an interest in it, it is nevertheless striking to know that only a dollar can be enough to buy it. In fact, a whole Bitcoin per definition to 49,493 euros. A sum that is difficult to reach for the vast majority of French people. Except that it is by no means mandatory to buy a Bitcoin in full. And when we know that no less than 40% of Americans thought the opposite, it demonstrates the ignorance that is cultivated around cryptocurrency.

Like all other cryptocurrencies on the market, Bitcoin follows a stock price, and can very well be bought in fractions. All virtual currency exchanges make it easy to buy the desired value of Bitcoin, whether it is one, one hundred or one thousand dollars. It is sufficient to specify the monetary value of the transaction and the system will rely on current market prices to calculate the corresponding amount. Nothing is easier. Investing with a small amount is therefore perfectly possible with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin wallet: how does it work?

Another basis to understand is the Bitcoin wallet. Like a digital bank account, the Bitcoin wallet allows you to send, receive and manage all your Bitcoins in one place. In terms of usage, when Bitcoins are purchased, they are transferred directly to the wallet. This is where the currency is stored and managed, with access protected by strict security measures.

The mission of the Bitcoin wallet is to give its user a clear interface that allows him to interact with his means. Unlike a bank, only the user has control over their assets and becomes the sole owner and responsible for their 100% digital assets. But it is important to choose your wallet seriously by turning to a trusted name. When talking about cryptocurrency, the security factor is paramount. Many users have been fooled by unscrupulous websites. Getting information before registering, and therefore investing, remains a priority.

LiteBit: simple and secure first step in cryptocurrency

To maximize the protection of its assets, it is fundamental to turn to a secure cryptocurrency platform. Although the market does not lack players, few combine trust, ease of use and humanism. The most important Dutch cryptocurrency exchange, Litebit, is characterized by the combination of these three values. Young in the market, but no less ambitious, the company strives to become the most user-friendly crypto-trading platform in Europe. The interface is designed to be particularly intuitive and understandable.

Litebit reveals the price of Bitcoin in real time, allowing potential buyers to concretely measure the duration of their investments. The site is not limited to Bitcoin, but offers a catalog of 60 cryptocurrencies for sale. Litebit was also one of the first brokers to supply self-hosted wallets. This reputation is based on the values ​​of the company, but also on the simplicity of its operation. Litebit makes transparent about the value of each cryptocurrency as well as its risks. Through clear charts, the performance of Bitcoin and other virtual currencies is revealed. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in cryptocurrency, the information is clear and consistent. It is possible to specify the amount of Bitcoins to be bought or the value in euros to be invested, Litebit takes care of the rest.

From its inception as a small startup to its current fame, Litebit has grown thanks to the expertise of its 50 in-house experts. In 2019, then in 2020, the company was awarded “Best Broker” at the CashCow Award. The very humanistic vision of the company makes it possible to create a privileged relationship with demanding customers in terms of perceived service quality.

With Litebit, it is possible until 30 November to take advantage of a credit of € 20 after registration and account confirmation.

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