“Nathalie wanted to live freely”, mother of 4 children was the victim of her ex-boyfriend

Nathalie, 33, was the victim of her ex-husband and father of her 4 children on May 8, 2022. She was stabbed in front of her home in Grézieu-la-Varenne in western Lyon. Today, his sister Marlène hopes to be entrusted with the care of her nephews. Solidarity pots have been launched.

In the picture her family has chosen to illustrate the solidarity cat, Nathalie looks like a small ray of sunshine, her honey-colored curls frame her face and her eyes sparkle. “It was during a family party at the Château du Viviers in Ecully. It was a beautiful day. A wonderful day”, says Lydie, the young woman’s cousin. But the words struggle to come out. Less than a week ago, Nathalie was still smiling at life.
The young woman died last Sunday, stabbed outside her home in Grézieu-la-Varenne by her ex-boyfriend and father of her four children. Natalie was 33 years old. Despite the pain of this loss, Lydie and her sister Kelly wanted to pay tribute to their young cousin and especially “thinking of the children”.

Nathalie was the mother of a 13-year-old boy and three girls aged 10, 6 and 4. The active mother worked in a school. “She loved children, cared for others. Generosity is the word that characterized her,” betror sin cousin Lydie. The hour of sorrow has not yet come, the young woman is torn between anger, desolation and astonishment. “Head in the fog”, she is still struggling to realize the tragedy that befell her family. Nathalie made plans. “Two hours before she died, we exchanged messages. We held a birthday party for her mother and my father. She was happy about it.” says her cousin, who has trouble speaking in the past tense. “She wanted to live freely”she adds.

Did his relatives know of his difficulties, of the violence? “Nathalie was always discreet about what happened to her. Very dignified. She was very balanced. She did not want pity.” assures his cousin.

The couple had been separated for several weeks. Nathalie had even filed a complaint against her ex-boyfriend. The latter was banned from approaching the young woman. Placed under judicial supervision, he was to appear in court next August. On Sunday, May 8, the unthinkable happened. She succumbed to his injuries despite intervention by emergency services alerted by local residents. Dmacabre enumeration of female homicides: Nathalie is one of the 40 victims registered since the beginning of 2022. Today, her relatives are overwhelmed and above all indignant.

“Things have to move. My cousin had filed a complaint, she was wearing a serious danger phone. But in her case, it was not enough”, apologizes to the young woman. “Being listened to is not enough, we must take steps to help these women who are alarming”, she adds. For Lydie, action is needed “more drastically to combat violence and homicide”. Nathalie’s two cousins ​​and her friends joined the We All collective. Today, they want to mobilize in tribute to the memory of the victim, but also so that such a tragedy does not happen again. A white march should soon be organized in memory of Nathalie and to convey this message..

Despite the grief, Lydie and Kelly wanted to do something. The two sisters took the initiative to contact the solidarity platform “La pot of relatives”.

“We thought of appealing to your solidarity at his funeral to honor him as she is deserved “, write the victim’s relatives on the page. Launched on May 11, a few days after the young mother’s death, this online cat collected one thousand euros.

Why did you choose this page? Anne-Sophie Roturier, co-founder of this platform, gives an explanation: “Those who contact us are often looking for alternative pools. General pools, even if they contain a solidarity component, are more connected to the idea of ​​a gift.” This is not the first time that this site has been asked about pots related to the loss of a loved one: to fund a funeral, support the family of a deceased or honor his memory.

Between the two sisters at the beginning of the approach and the founders of the place, the power has passed. “We were looking for something that speaks to us that is similar to us. We were sensitive to this kitten because of the safety of their services, the support and the listening”, explains Lydie. “The bills can be paid directly by Cagnotte, and the profits can be used to open bank accounts for the children. If necessary, money can also be released to help Marlène cover the children’s expenses.”explains Lydie.

Initially, the kitten that was opened for Nathalie is primarily to be used to pay for the young woman’s funeral. Funerals that are not yet on the agenda because the case is still ongoing.

What will become of Nathalie’s four children? “The children no longer have their mother and their father is now in prison. It is urgent to take care of the children today”, sums up Lydia. Siblings are not yet determined on their fate and are waiting to know if their aunt Marlène will be able to receive them in her home. In the wake of the tragedy were the children supported and sheltered at the Woman-Mother-Child Hospital (HFME) in Bron.

Marlene, it is sister from Natalie. She is now determined to fight to get the four children entrusted to her. Also a mother, the young professional hairdresser lives in Lyon. This solidarity tax should also help him financially, toocover the costs of installing the children with her “, wrote both sisters originating from the solidarity initiative.

Their fate today is crystallizing worries of the bereaved family reunited after the tragedy. “It’s unthinkable to separate the children. We want to respect what their mother wanted to create for them: a healthy and stable home. I think Marlène has the shoulders and she’s surrounded.”, Lydie assures. But itit is justice that must decide.

Next to this solidarity cat, another, more generalist was also launched by two friends of Nathalie and her sister Marlène on the Leetchi platform.

“Marlène and her mother are surrounded by their family and friends, who are doing everything they can to help, but we fear it will not be enough. We, the friends of Nathalie and Marlène, try to support them as much as possible and to relieve them as much as we can. ”

This Friday, May 13, this Leetchi pool has already raised more than 9,000 euros.

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