On a crusade against junk food, Armand and Eric lead “zero waste” workshops

Armand Crevissier and Eric Lamorisse, a shocking duo!

They are zealous defenders of what is good, in the noble sense of the word. Also common sense. Their task is difficult as certain people’s behaviors are sometimes surprising, not to say despairing. But Eric and Armand, the two naughty naughty ones, never give up. One is self-taught, a good cook for the love of good cooking. Eric has diverse experiences, especially at the famous bistro in Jules et Madeleine in Valenciennes. The other followed the classic route, the hotel school, without practicing his profession in the traditional way. “It’s a matter of education. I reproduced my parents’ gesture, which did not spill“Alongside his catering business, Armand very quickly ran zero waste workshops.

A primarily pedagogical role

On an economic level, if we do not take into account the less precious parts of the vegetables and throw them away, we lose 30% of the weight of the vegetables, and thus money. From a nutritional point of view, most trace elements, vitamins and mineral salts are contained in peels, roots and tops.“This is the message that Armand and Eric try to convey every week during the zero-waste workshops they lead with an economically and socially disadvantaged public, led by Capep, where they are employed. Beyond the purely culinary aspect. the role of the two friends is above all instructive. “Finally, zero gaspi is the last link in the chainsays Armand. You need to start from the base. Consumers are accustomed to pre-cutting vegetables sold in bags from which the peel has been removed. They no longer recognize raw vegetables. Large distribution has saved them time, because today people no longer take it. ”

Many battles to fight

Purchasing in sufficient quantities, depending on the needs of the household, is also an important step in the process of eating better. “We integrate the concept of portion because many throw out because they have made too much... ”To deconstruct what advertising has hammered into people’s minds through decades of deviations. Break with bad habits, received ideas. Fighting ignorance, laziness, lightness. Give back to the meal and its preparation in a sacred place during the day, vector for value and family togetherness. Like before.

Health and economy

Vegetable broth is nothing more or less than peels of garlic, onion, shallot, compressed, hydrogenated and enriched with sodium. You throw away your peels and go back to the store to buy a diceWhich is bad for your health and weighs down your trash can. “The two chefs have such examples in spades; listening to them is a real source of inspiration. Far from them the idea of ​​sulking the little pleasures. Tacos, burgers and other kebabs are also on the menu. Homemade. From 31 December 2023 will be source sorting of biowaste a commitment for everyone.Sufficient to motivate consumers to follow Armand and Eric’s example to lighten their bins, eat better and save money.Is not life beautiful?

Back to the basics

The vegetables are still a bit black of soil … it does a bad job in a disinfected interior. And it’s a little too much work in the kitchens of some “restaurants”. Armand and Eric condemn, and they are right. During the workshops he leads, Armand, aka “Monsieur épluchures”, is sometimes speechless. The participants do not make the connection between the processed vegetable – e.g. beets cut into cubes and sold in trays – and the raw vegetable. Ditto for celery or avocado. Re-educate. Eric, an activist, goes further. “Ecology should be a primary subject taught in school.

Common sense, nothing but common sense!

And then there are all the little movements that you do not necessarily think about, and which are nevertheless beneficial, always from an economic and ecological point of view: Keep your boiling water to water the plants. Do not rinse starch after cooking. Put the lid on when you boil water. “which saves 25% of the time, and just as much energy savings“. As we have said, eating better starts with buying better. “Zero waste is not just about eating peels. ”

Avoid the traps

Armand rings the alarm bell: stop promotional offers that entice customers, with big bangs of big numbers on a fluorescent yellow background. “We buy 3 kilos of pork chops because we are at 2 euros per kilo, but we know very well that we do not eat them. If we waste, it does not matter, it was not expensive... ”And to multiply the examples:“in participatory workshops where vegetables were given in return for a service, some participants threw the aubergines … because they were black… ”

A social reality

or”this tomato, I do not take it because it is whimsical“, and also “I still do not intend to feed my children with peel“No, but a Macdo, yes? “If you democratize junk food, lightness, speed, people stick. Three Margherita pizzas, 1.49 euros, frozen. The person who has a tight budget, a man who has a small job, two children who are not pro vegetables, and who live in an HLM. For 1.49 euros you have four tomatoes that the kids do not want to eat and that the man does not want because he is hungry. Conversely, you have three pizzas ready in 30 seconds. It sounds caricatured, but it is a social reality. “

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