Perpignan: a 12-year-old girl with 2nd degree burns after being bullied at Pagnol college

On April 1, a young teenager was burned to the second degree in the forearm while taking the bus to take to Pagnol college, where she had been subjected to harassment for two years. Her mother filed a complaint and an investigation was opened to determine which drug burned the young girl and whether this event has anything to do with the bullying she was the victim of.

“Inès *, my daughter had never had problems with other people. She is a good student, kind, well-behaved, who likes to draw a lot”, explains his mother. But for two years, the everyday life of the young 12-year-old girl educated in 5th grade at Marcel Pagnol College in Perpignan has become hell. The mother lists her daughter’s trials at the same time as the sheets that make up her medical record: complaints, medical statements, prescriptions, school reports, photos.

“It started in 6th grade. Two girls in her class started attacking her, first words, then insults, they helped themselves to her pencil case, threw bullets at her …”details of the mother, who decides in the light of her child’s dismay, to file a complaint in June 2021. “Before I filed the complaint, I tried to alert the college. I went to see CPE, I went early in the morning to see him. Nothing ever happened. My daughter was not called, neither I nor the parents of the other children. One time one of the girls was called at.she adds.

The end of the year comes, then the school holidays, and then, all too quickly, the start of the school year. But Inès and her mother are reassured: She is no longer in the same class as the other two girls. The rest will last four days: “Five girls from college, some of whom Inès did not even know, came to threaten to beat her because of the complaint in June”, she says. In late October, Inès is offended and pushed around the bus. A new complaint has been lodged.

“Then Inès was always put aside, she had no friends, received reflections like ‘oh no not her’ when she arrived somewherecontinues the mother. In the end, the only ones who talked to him were the supervisors. They asked her how she was doing. I’m grateful to them for that, because in the end they were the only ones who liked her. “.

At first I thought it was a spider bite

On April 1, Inès takes the bus to go to college. As she gets into the vehicle, she feels like a burn on her left hand. “When she looks, she looks like a bite. In the evening when she comes home, she shows me her hand, which is like a big bruise on it. At first I thought it was a spider bite”. But the mark wins out on the girl’s forearm.

His mother takes him to the hospital. “They tell me it’s not something we take away with antibiotics. But it keeps getting worse. We go to the Saint-Pierre clinic. We get antibiotics and an antihistamine again. It’s still spreading, my daughter complains of pain, it burns her, so I decide to take her to the emergency room in Montpellier, where a dermatologist examines her and tells me it’s a burn due to a corrosive product. “, she reveals. Inès has second-degree burns, from the back of the hand to the elbow. A nurse comes to her every other day to take care of her. “The physical damage is almost over. Except it’s going to ruin her summer. She’s been out of the sun for at least a year, has to cover herself with long sleeves and put sunscreen underneath.”sorry her mother.

But the mother is very worried about her child’s mental health: “She refuses to eat, she hardly eats, even when I offer her her favorite food. She has not been back to school since April 1, and so far I have not had anyone from college on the phone to get news.”. For her safety, the girl’s mother decided to change schools: “We’ll probably have to move, because some of his stalkers live in the neighborhood.” This Thursday, Inès visited a doctor and a psychologist as part of the investigation that was opened for attempted poisoning, following a third complaint filed on May 5th.

* Name has been changed.

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