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May 13, 2022

BNP Paribas Primrose tournament, Morocco, Villa Primrose, the development of tennis … Villa Primrose resident Elliot Benchetrit discusses all the topics for ARL.

Young 23-year-old player from Nice, Elliot Benchetrit 457. in the world today played BNP Paribas Primrose Challenger at home in his club. Despite having lost Jaume Munar in the quarterfinalsthe French-Moroccan had two good matches: “I had some success during the second round of qualification, a player said no to the match, you have to take advantage of that when there are weeks like this where it goes well […] JI met Maxime Janvier in my first, an opponent where I have already lost four times, I had never beaten him. I saved two set points in the first set, it was very mental and concentration, I am very happy with this match. Then I faced Pierre-Hugues Herbert, an opponent who plays very well on this surface […] For me it is a very good result, I do not want to stop, I am very positive and I will continue to put in place what allowed me to reach this level of competition“.

: Elliot Benchetrit (457th in the world, licensed by Villa Primrose)

Benchetrit plays at home

Licensed since 2018, Elliot Benchetrit can memorize the tracks even if he does not live in the wine capital: “I get stopped by the kids, I really appreciate that. There are many people who know me here, we won the French team championship in 2019, we experienced great emotions, the fans were there. In my matches there were a lot of people from the club who came to come and encourage me, it’s a super dynamic. I really like the conditions, the atmosphere and the city, it contributes to a good atmosphere. There are connoisseurs and it’s nice to have people who know how to appreciate the possible blows“.

: Elliot Benchetrit (457th in the world, licensed by Villa Primrose)

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Elliot Benchetrit, 457th in the world © photo ARL – Loic Cousin

Benchetrit bears the colors of Morocco

The 457th in the world decided in December 2020 to defend the colors on Morocco in Davis Cup, also below Olympics if Paris 2024, a personal goal. He, accustomed to North Africa but also to the Côte d’Azur, is proud to carry the colors of his father’s homeland: “I generally train in Sophia Antipolis. I really like Bordeaux, I like this city. That’s why I signed here […] it was a difficult choice, we had just come out of COVID, I did not really know where to go, I had prospects with my father, who is Moroccan. I was always Moroccan, but no one knew. I have always had Moroccan nationality, now I play for Morocco sportingly, it does not stop me from enjoying playing in France and having a little different support and often being in my country of origin, a country where my grandfather lived all his life, it is a place where I like to recharge my batteries and take my time for myself. It is not easy in France, where we are always in the juice. It is a good balance that I have found in my life and it can allow me to get in a better position“.

: Elliot Benchetrit (457th in the world, licensed by Villa Primrose)

Morocco number 2 country in Africa

Egypt is number 1 country in African tennis, for Elliot Benchetrit, Morocco can tease first place: “there were three big stars in Morocco who could have broken through, we know very well that the conditions in Morocco for playing tennis are worse than in Europe. Parents also have to make a choice as Morocco is located in Africa and many parents want their children to work in the US, Canada or Europe. The choice of studies and perhaps more logical. But there are three very good young people who will arrive, they are at FAC in the US, they are already very good to me, they are already in either the 400 or 500 best world ATP, I think they have chosen to take to America to have a diploma and to be able to concentrate fully on tennis […]

: Elliot Benchetrit (457th in the world, licensed by Villa Primrose)

Elliot Benchetrit : “Egypt are ahead because they have a player, he is in the top 200. They have been more consistent. In Morocco, the last three very big players in the 2000s, we are talking about players who made 1/2 of the Grand Slam. tournament I think we need to continue to develop this, there are really many young talents in Morocco, many people underestimate the country and I hope to bring this flame to young people and children“.

: Elliot Benchetrit (457th in the world, licensed by Villa Primrose)

Benchetrit a strong player

The Villa Primrose licensee is a strong player, but he is not going to attack any ball all the time; “I’m a player who likes to build, who likes to be delicate in touch. In Morocco I am compared to Younès El Aynaoui, he is a good example, he has a very good serve, with a huge forehand. I remember he played very well in Bordeaux“.

: Elliot Benchetrit (457th in the world, licensed by Villa Primrose)

Primrose and Roland-Garros quite similar

Several players have stated that the tournament BNP Paribas Primrose was a tournament to prepare well Roland Garros. Clay pitches, same ball and atmosphere. Elliot Benchetrit tells us about this comparison:we are two hours by train from Paris, the conditions are quite similar even though it is a bit colder than in the capital. The courts are the same, the balls are the same. The conditions are quite connected between the courts and the balls, and just having the same thing changes everything. Unfortunately, I will not play Roland-Garros because I lost many points after my injury, but all the players who come here come to prepare for Roland-Garros and win matches. In addition, there are 125 points to win, that’s many points even for players who are 50th, 60th in the world, and when you see the very hard table, Primrose evolves. Compared to the ATP 150 Challenger in Marrakech, which is at the start of the season, the last player to enter the table in Bordeaux is number 150, and in Marrakech he is 140th, and we are talking about an event that gives more points, it is necessary when even realize that the painting is elevated“.

: Elliot Benchetrit (457th in the world, licensed by Villa Primrose)

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Elliot Benchetrit, dismissed in Villa Primrose © photo ARL – Loic Cousin

One side turns in French tennis

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Gilles Simon announced the end of their careers. Richard Gasquet will soon take the same path. Players who made the generation ofElliot BenchetritThey did great things in the Davis Cup, people are a little tough on them, they were still in a generation where in the last fifteen years only seven players have won the Grand Slam tournament (Wimbledon, Australian Open, Roland-Garros and US Open Ed) and they made pretty regular 1/4 and 1/2 to talk about Richard (Gasket), by Joe (Wilfried Tsonga), even from Lucas (Puglia) and Gaël (Monfils), we are tough when we ask ourselves – why the French did not win the Grand Slams – I thanked him for everything we brought, I was able to discuss with them, they gave a lot of advice, Richard is a player that I really appreciate, he supported me a lot. I think once they are gone, we will realize that it was difficult to realize their accomplishments

: Elliot Benchetrit (457th in the world, licensed by Villa Primrose)

Tennis: a sport being criticized?

Tennis players are heavily criticized by the French public for their results in Grand Slams, but still achieved the satisfactory results. To Benchetrit criticism is easy “I agree to talk about the results, but in relation to the effort that the players make, I do not know anything about football, I am more basketball, but when you see a Neymar how much he takes in relation to and how much he set goals, if counted in the millions the price of the goal is worth having Neymar. A Gilles Simon who fights for 5 hours and who loses and then we hit him because – no Frenchman is going to make a quarter, a semi or a final this year – for me it’s a little easy. Tennis is an incredible sport, you have to put in the effort and really tough stuff just to hope to reach a Grand Slam quarterfinal, and they actually have more. I take my hat off to them and I hope to have a player a quarter of their record. They will be missed in French tennis“.

: Elliot Benchetrit (457th in the world, licensed by Villa Primrose)

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Elliot Benchetrit Moroccan player © photo ARL – Loic Cousin

Primrose a club that gives luck

Licensed since 2019, Elliot Benchetrit is happy to be in the Villa Primrose club, “I’m so happy to see people from the club, the kids … For two years we did not see a spectator, we played in tournaments and there was no noise, it was really bad for tennis, it was dramatic. Today we see kids taking selfies and autographs, we can not say no, for two years there was no one, we are not going to quarrel for 10 minutes. Giving joy to these children might inspire them. I had the chance to watch Monte-Carlo, the Nice Open when I was younger, and to play there as a 16-year-old and to see all its players be super sweet to me, and that was what made me ‘gave the flame to continue“.

: Elliot Benchetrit (457th in the world, licensed by Villa Primrose)

[Par Dorian Malvesin, © photo ARL – Loic Cousin]

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