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Although the show ended years ago, Friends is still relevant today, even inspiring modern sitcom hits like how I met your father and How I met your mother.

There have been many relationships throughout this series, both platonic and romantic. A few are amazing and some smaller, but some fans think some stand out among the crowd. From iconic romances like Rachel and Ross to cutest friendships like Joey and Chandler, there are some of the relationships that fans on Reddit say have had the most audience appeal.

Ross and Rachel

Although Ross and Rachel’s relationship is the most controversial in the series, it is highly regarded as the series’ most beloved relationship.

Reddit user Charlieriver said: “That’s the crucial relationship with the show.” Ross and Rachel have had their ups and downs over the years, dating a few times and having a few passionate moments that inevitably lead to the birth of their daughter and reconciliation at the end. While not all viewers love the dynamics of these two characters, it is undeniably a big part of the plot.

Rachel and Phoebe

Not all the best relationships in the show are romantic. In fact, there are several great friendships that fans have appreciated as they grew into lifelong commitments.

Phoebe and Rachel are two of those friends who did not know each other from previous years or childhood. They first became acquainted early in the series. However, they quickly became friends. It was nice for the fans to see these two grow up to take care of each other. Reddit user Charlieriver said: “The relationship started from scratch and is a great representation of two friends who are slowly becoming best friends.”

Ross and Mona

Although many fans saw Ross reunite with Rachel eventually, he had a good relationship while they were apart. Of the relationships he was in, many fans liked Mona.

Reddit user _IThinkTherefore_ said: “Mona was probably the best relationship for him. She complimented him very well – embraced all his little jokes.” Mona and Ross were a great couple and got serious pretty quickly. She even accepted the revelation that Rachel was pregnant with Ross’ baby, which was shocking to see her so understanding. However, it was Rachel who moved in with Ross who put an end to things between them.

Rachel and Joey

Although their romantic relationship was short, fans thought Joey and Rachel were the best ship in season eight. However, their dynamics were not only good as a couple.

Many fans did not think they would compliment each other romantically (and the characters seem to agree), but their friendship was unique and healthy. Reddit user motivation_vacation said: “I did not like them as a couple, but I liked them as friends.” In a show called “Friends,“It was refreshing to see that the relationships that flourished within the band were not all meant to be, but it was meant for their friendship to last.

Phoebe and Joey

As for friends, Joey and Phoebe had one of the healthiest and most heartwarming friendships on the show.

While constantly flirting through the series, many fans never saw them become a couple. However, that does not stop fans from loving the way they interact with each other. The Reddit user u / charlieriver said: “They have the closest male / female friendship, and the chemistry is effortless in the show. The two clumsiness plays wonderfully together.” Of all the friendships in this series, Joey and Phoebe have never encountered any major bumps in the road.

Chandler and Kathy

Fans love Candler and the Monica duo, but Chandler also had a few interesting relationships before her marriage. One of his most supportive relationships was with Kathy, who dated Joey first.

Reddit user Petitfaon said: “They were amazing together and I was a little mad at the writers for posting her so quickly. She was the only one Chandler looked like. really In love with. “It was hard for the audience to see Chandler struggle to love Joey’s girlfriend so much, but their build and relationship, even if it was short-lived, was intriguing given how difficult the relationship was for Chandler.

Phoebe and David

While Phoebe and Mike are the most underrated couple Friendsmany fans really appreciated her relationship with David and thought they fit better.

A Reddit user shared his thoughts on Phoebe’s relationship with David, saying, “I sincerely believe that if he had not been … things would have been different.” People love Paul Rudd’s portrayal of Mike, but many feel his character felt compelled and Phoebe had more chemistry with his serious first love. If David had not been in Minsk, fans think he was meant for her.

Joey and Chandler

In a ranked list, Chandler and Joey are the two best friends in the show. There are plenty of healthy relationships in the show, but the dynamics between these two friends are second to none.

Although these two had periodic fights over the years, they never lasted long and the two always recovered fairly quickly. One of the most iconic scenes in their friendship is when Chandler flies to his new job in Tulsa and is seen on the phone comforting someone … who turns out to be Joey and not his wife. Reddit user Crankkidd said, “Everyone needs a best friend like this.”

Chandler and Monica

Chandler and Monica is one of the sitcom’s favorite romantic relationships, and most fans believe that Chandler’s proposal is one of the most memorable on television.

From the moment these two became a couple before their other friends even knew they were a couple, it was clear that they had real potential and chemistry. Reddit user motivation_vacation said: “What is it that you do not like? My two favorite characters, and they fit so well together.” Fans might not have expected them to end up together at the start of the series, but once they were together, it was clearly the endgame.

Rachel and Monica

Rachel and Monica have the longest relationship in the program. They knew each other as children and through high school, and rediscovered the connection after some time separated as adults.

Few friendships last into adulthood, but these two reconnect quickly and are often seen reminiscent of old times. These two have many disagreements throughout the series, often leading to heartfelt moments or comic feuds. A Reddit user said, “They have each other’s best interests in mind, but they also know how to pull each other’s threads as much as possible.”

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