the top of the big brands investing in virtual fashion

NFTs are a new form of communication for a brand that must be integrated into its service offering. At the business strategy level, tokens can be used as an advertising medium to promote a product, especially in the meta verse.

Most luxury homes are enthusiastic about NFTs given the many benefits they offer. These tokens are actually stored on the blockchain. In fact, they turn out to be unique, untraceable and irreplaceable. Check out some of the brands that launch collections of NFT.

Gap: The flagship clothing brand is launched in NFT

Gap introduced its first NFT collection to raise awareness of its brand and iconic products for new and existing customers. The company presents a fun digital experience that offers the unique opportunity to own one Gap hoodie collection item in limited edition.

For this launch, Gap is collaborating with Brandon Sines, the artist behind Frank Ape, in a limited edition. To respect its commitment to the planet, the company has chosen to rely on Tezos. It’s actually an open source blockchain that helps create a customer experience.

In fact, Tezos uses a more energy efficient approach to secure its network. Because of this, it works with minimal energy consumption and a low CO2 footprint.

The different categories of NFT Gap

Gap’s digital collectibles will include four categories: Common, Rare, Epic and One of a Kind. Common is sold for 2 tez (XTZ), while Rare and Epic are sold for 6 tez, 100 tez respectively. One of a Kind has been auctioned off. Note that the conversion rates for this cryptocurrency in euros may vary depending on fluctuations in market prices.

This fun experience encourages customers to collect sweatshirts digital art Gap hoodie on Common and Rare tiers. They will be able to purchase limited edition Epics from Brandon Sines and a Gap x Frank Ape Hoodie from Sines.

With this first breakthrough, the brand plans to learn more about how its customers want to engage in a digital world, especially NFT. Other digital experiences will emerge in the future, developed in collaboration with cultural creators.

BAPE: The Japanese clothing brand is taking on NFT’s collections

The popular fashion brand BAPE (short for A Bathing Ape) officially enters the metaverse and creates its very own (B) APETAVERSE NFT. This monkey king has adopted one more realistic digital design. It breaks with the usual pixel-art style that currently prevails in the market.

This collection includes 10,000 BAPE NFT at a premium price of 0.30 ETH. Each of them is uniquely and algorithmically generated for a unique expression and attitude. They will serve as keys to accessing exclusive content and real-life events hosted by BAPE. The move is part of a broader industry move towards a metavers space that two other sports giants are already part of.

Each participant can buy ethereum and use it to create realistic 3D representations of monkeys called the King. It should be noted that the number of strikes is limited to 2 per. person.

For BAPE list, check the event update channel in BAPETAVERSE Discord. In addition, one must make sure that his wallet has the necessary ETH to cover the price of gasoline.

Lacoste: the French sportswear brand is investing in the meta-verse

At an event in the heart of Paris on March 12, 2022, the French fashion house Lacoste and Minecraft unveiled their very first collection. About 400 people gathered at Espot, a video game hotspot located on rue de Rivoli, to play and discover the Lacoste x Minecraft collection.

For over a decade, video game enthusiasts of all ages have been immersed in the multicolored landscape maps of Minecraft. Today, this unique universe is immersed in a Lacoste collection that is by no means virtual. It is a 360 ° dressing room for men, women and children where it ready-to-wear and accessories are adorned with Minecraft’s pixelated graphics.

The iconic crocodile logo was also redesigned and pixelated by Minecraft Creative Studio. This collection aims to bridge two completely different words and is an invitation to play.

As virtual as Minecraft can be, players can now wear a custom uniform from Lacoste while playing the famous video game. Especially treasure hunting, cross country, tennis is a simple but captivating tool for generating income on the virtual island.

In this Minecraft universe, Lacoste’s crocodile has been adapted to the style from the year 2000. It thus becomes the lo-fi keyword for the Croco Island project. This little virtual paradise was created to provide a fun space for the gaming community.

Bugatti: the first automaker to enter the NFT market

That black car have something special. Inspired by the now defunct fourth Bugatti Atlantic, this vehicle represents a unique masterpiece. In fact, the French manufacturer is back with good news.

The brand has announced a partnership with UK luxury retailer Asprey to explore the world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The collaboration results in creation of gold and silver sculptures and NFTs accompanies them to the hypercar La Voiture Noire.

The model is handmade in 24 carat rose gold. Decorated with attention to detail, the design incorporates a custom base that has the main colors of both companies. In fact, physical sculptures will have a different color base depending on the NFT hit.

The collector coin comes with an NFT associated with a QR code and a serial number. The same goes for the smaller silver models. The pieces will only be available by invitation. They will only exist in number of 261 pieces, which is a nod to the top speed of this unique sports car.

NIKE: the sports forest giant is betting on NFT

Nike acquired RTFKT (Artifact), an NFT startup focusing on collectibles. The goal of this acquisition is to help Nike increase its engagement with digital users. This amazing clothing brand studies ways to develop the digital side of its business and to engage in new technologies such as NFTs.

Like other retailers, the Nike has suffered from supply chain delays. NFT sales could provide a different revenue stream that avoids supply chain problems.

“This acquisition is a new step accelerates Nike’s digital transformation. It serves athletes and creators at the crossroads of sport, creativity, play and culture. »

Thus, the company acquires a very talented team of designers with an authentic and connected brand. The plan calls for leveraging and developing its innovative and creative community to expand Nike’s digital footprint and capabilities.

LNike’s entry into Metaverse has a significant impact on the price of RTFKT NFT. In fact, Clone X Mint is currently the second collection OpenSea the most traded with over 13,300 ETH in volume. The latter also has plans to put more virtual buildings up for sale. Thus, the entire collection of products can be implemented on the various metaverse platforms.

Adidas: the sports brand shows its commitment to the meta-verse

Adidas has unveiled its new collection, which will be one mixture of digital and physical objects. This will be for sale as NFTs produced with partners such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Entitled Metaverse, the collection includes virtual clothing that shoppers can use on online platforms. Holders then benefit from one exclusive access to various Adidas Originals experiences and products. NFTs serve as a transition to virtual terrestrial experiences and free collaboration products.

This allows owners to access virtual clothing for the blockchain-based gaming world. Physical products include a hoodie, tracksuit and gmoney’s distinctive orange hat. The brand also bought one Bored Apes NFT named Indigo Hertz, who shows his commitment to the Metaverse community.

it’s about first NFT collection from adidas mainly digital collectibles with proven authenticity. NFTs act as a blockchain-based ownership certificate that allows coins to be authenticated, purchased, and collected.

Each NFT sells for 0.2 ETH, or about $ 800. By going into the meta-verse, adidas and streetwear enthusiasts have a new way to engage and deliver exclusives to their fan base.

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