Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s first NFT put up for sale by ‘EnsembleUkraine’!

EnsembleUkraine is a collective of about fifty French technology entrepreneurs committed to supporting the Ukrainian people …

(Boursier.com) – French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand joins the mobilization of #EnsembleUkraine, a French technical collective committed to Ukraine by donating its first NFT to a charity sale.

#EnsembleUkraine is a collective of about fifty French technology entrepreneurs committed to supporting the Ukrainian people. He collected original works by Ukrainian and international artists to compose the NFT #TogetherUkr collection. This will be the topic on Friday, April 15 at. 20.00 (French time) for an international charity sale of NFT for the benefit of the victims of the war on the site www.togetherukr.com

The sale closes as soon as the entire #TogetherUkr collection is “embossed” (sold). The #EsembleUkraine collective, supported by the France Digital Association, Galion Project, French Tech Mission, wanted to help the Ukrainian people but also Ukrainian artists by distributing the funds from the sale as follows:

-20% will be donated to a certified NGO that supports Ukrainian artists.

-80% will be donated directly to #EnsembleUkraine to fund its actions.

#TogetherUkr, an eclectic collection offered by nearly 25 renowned artists committed to supporting Ukraine

25,000 NFTs are for sale to raise funds to help Ukrainian artists and fund humanitarian actions carried out by #EnsembleUkraine in partnership with the Paris Blockchain Summit.

Alongside Yann Arthus-Bertrand, who is particularly famous for his series “Earth Seen from Heaven”, which has toured the world and helped raise awareness of environmental issues, many artists have donated works. And for the dedicated photographer, this is his first NFT!

Among the other international artists mobilized to support Ukraine, Gwendoline Finaz de Villaine, a painter very much inspired by the 1920s with Japanese works at the crossroads of East and West, writing and urban art. Gwendoline, which was exhibited at the Grand Palais on the occasion of Art Capital, produced a work for the cellar Les Carmes Haut-Brion. Next June, she will create a fresco by Joséphine Baker of more than 1,000 square feet on the Place du Panthéon for the anniversary of her pantheonization.

Chis Hägglund is a Swedish artist and illustrator. She made her artwork “Saint Ukraine” & “Ukrainian Lioness” to express her support for the Ukrainian people.

We must also count on Grégoire “Greg” Guillemin, a French artist of international name, who has donated one of his pop art works to Ukraine. This one takes up its signature elements: characters from comics and popular films with a strong political message … The French photographer Jérôme Bryon, represented by Galerie La Forest-Divonne in Paris, also gave a strong image to this charity sale.

The Greek artist, Frank Bakastias, donated one of his creations, which has become an emblematic street art work mobilized in favor of Ukraine. The French artists Ito Dubois, who uses the drip technique, and Maguitte, a photographer, also offered works in support of the Ukrainian people.

Brushes of Ukrainian artists against the war

The sale will include NFTs edited based on a creation by Ukrainian street artist Roman Chizz, who relies on human-machine collaboration for his work.

Masha Tabet, a Ukrainian painter and calligrapher, also donated one of her calligraphs.

Four Ukrainian painters Anastasiia Ovod, Daria Pavliuk, Vira Yakymchuk and Yana Protasova also donated paintings condemning the horrors of war in favor of the actions of #TogetherUkr.

#TogetherUkr how:

– Friday, April 15 at 20.00 (Paris time)
– Go to the platform www.togetherukr.com
– Participate in the sale “Mint is open”
– Set the desired donation amount (mint) (minimum 0.06 Eth per NFT, maximum is left to the donor’s choice)
– Set the desired amount of NFT
– The donation is registered
– The donor will discover his / her NFT (s) at the end of the sale.

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