Adobe launches new video features on After Effects, Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush

To meet the growing demand for videos, Adobe is launching new features and making significant improvements to its software. Among the new features announced at the Adobe MAX virtual conference, the American publisher is launching a new design space to facilitate the creation of 3D content on After Effects, an improved version of its Roto Brush tool, the automatic generation of subtitles in Premiere Pro or even access royalty-free audio content on Premiere Rush.

3D Design Space, a new workspace on After Effects

Adobe launches 3D space designa new work environment that allows users to design and compose in one application.

This workspace contains the following features:

  • improved cameras : To facilitate navigation in 3D space, especially when converting a 2D layer to 3D, with also the possibility to add new cameras to view the scenes from different angles and to perform tracking shots and recompose the compositions. run when hotkeys help,
  • 3D Transform Widgets : For scaling, framing, and rotating objects in 3D compositions, as well as making fine adjustments to objects,
  • real-time 3D concept preview (Public Beta): To more easily explore ideas and make decisions with this feature that provides real-time feedback,
  • the 3D projection plan for optimizing spatial relationships (public beta): To simplify 3D creation by providing a horizon line and a vanishing point.

Adobe also clarifies that users have the option to enable (or disable)” a grid for precise orientation and use snapping to align objects in space or with each other

An improved version of Roto Brush in After Effects

The software also makes improvements to its Roto Brush tool. Version 2.0 improves on the original roto brush and offers advanced features. The goal: to allow video makers to save time in their work process, even with complex sequences. With Roto Brush 2.0, editors and special effects artists can now separate an object from the background more quickly and intuitively.

Roto Brush 2 uses Adobe Sensei to automatically track selected objects shot by shot. Not only does this improved roto-brush provide more power, simplify workflow and optimize results, but it also puts advanced rotoscoping within reach of many videographers, saving hours of work even on complex edits, explains Eric Philpott, product marketing manager at Adobe. from.

Automatically generate subtitles in Premiere Pro

Adobe is launching a handy new feature to reduce time-consuming captioning tasks in Premiere Pro: speech to text (or transcription). It allows you to create a transcript of a video automatically. The tool then generates subtitles on the timeline. The plus: users can also apply the style of their choice to the subtitles using the tools provided in the Essential Graphics panel. The American publisher states that the functionality is enhanced by Adobe Sensei and reflects the rhythm of the spoken dialogues, while matching the time code of the video exactly.

The Speech to Text (or Transcription) feature is available in preview on Premiere Pro, on the occasion of Adobe Max.

New in Premiere Rush

Adobe’s video creation application for sharing videos on social networks offers the possibility to add animated titles, images or even audio content to enrich the videos. Among the new features that Adobe announced at Premiere Rush, we can note the following:

  • an improved browsing experience to find impactful images and audio content faster,
  • an enriched collection of illustrations with new titles and overlay options, as well as transitions, requested by the Premiere Rush community,
  • access to royalty-free soundtracks, loops and other sound effects from the musical creation platform Splice,
  • new animation effects Pan and zoom and Auto Crop available on all platforms (iOS, Android, macOS and Windows).
Access more audio content on Premiere Rush. © Adobe

All of the new features showcased during Adobe Max for After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Premiere Rush, for both deployed features and public beta, are available for download through the Creative Cloud desktop app.

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