Apple TV +: here’s the list of content for kids landing this summer

apple tv plus iconSummer vacation is the opportunity to go out to enjoy the sun, do activities … But it is also the opportunity to take advantage of rainy days to start a new series or watch an exciting movie on AppleTV +. The Cupertino company today presented all the content of the “youth” theme that will be added during the summer of 2022.

A fantastic show!

After today releasing the trailer for his animated film big budget “Luck”Apple continues the announcements with this time new content that will arrive in the course of daylight Saving Time.
The streaming service only mentions content that is reserved for young people, it is generally children under the age of 10 who are affected by these original Apple TV + creations.

Apple TV +: here’s the list of content for kids landing this summer

“Hey, Jack! The Kindness Show”

From June 24, Apple will offer an original program divided into 4 original short films. Jack and his friends set out to solve a mystery about sweetness. The four shorts feature Jack’s interviews with real children about their extraordinary acts of kindness, declaring them official ambassadors of kindness in their own hometown.

Duck & Goose

From 8 JulyApple will begin airing its “Duck & Goose” series, a captivating animated series based on the New York Times bestseller books by Tad Hills.
Apple says it’s a preschool program that pays homage to the unique friendship between Duck and Goose, two feathered best friends who find that accepting and appreciating each other’s differences can help them invent completely new ideas to help them. in solving everyday challenges, large and small.

Best foot extension

From 22 July, young Apple TV + subscribers will discover the “Best Foott Forward” action series. The action series is based on the book ‘Just Don’t Fall’ by Paralympic athlete Josh Sundquist, and follows 12-year-old Josh Dubin as he shifts from homeschooling to elementary school, eager to discover all that college has to offer! But along the way, Josh also faces a whole new set of challenges, including how to get an entire school of children to look beyond his leg prosthesis and get to know him as he is. . With the support of his parents and the help of his best friends Kyle and Gabriella, Josh learns, laughs and grows, eager to come back every day to get more.

Amber Brown

From 29 July, Apple releases the first season of the series “Amber Brown”, a program based on the best-selling book series by Paula Danziger. With over 10 million copies in print, ‘Amber Brown’ is an unfiltered look at a girl who finds her voice through art and music in the wake of her parents’ divorce.

. the snoopy show

Snoopy Show

From 5 August, Apple TV + subscribers will find the rest of Snoopy’s adventure in a new series. The world’s most iconic dog is ready for its big comeback. Dive into new adventures with the happy dancing, high-flying, dreamy beagle, who is joined by his best friend Woodstock and the rest of the Peanuts gang.

Still August 5thApple will also add “Peanuts” classic.

Lucia’s school

From 12 August, Apple will add the program “L’école de Lucie”, the streaming service does not indicate whether it is a series or a movie. Apple clarifies: The Peanuts gang can not wait to start a new school this fall, which inspires Lucy to start her own school instead – but teaching is not as easy as it seems. “Lucy’s School” is a love letter to teachers and an appreciation of what makes teaching such a noble and satisfying profession. It explores the fear of change and shows Lucy facing her fears and overcoming them with the support of her friends.

surfside girls

Surfside girls

From 19 AugustApple will debut the first season of Surfside Girls, a series based on the best-selling novels of the same name by author Kim Dwinell, this live-action series is about best friends Sam and Jade who must combine their strengths and logic to solve the seemingly supernatural mysteries lurking just below the surface of their city.

The life of Ella

From 2 September, Apple will end these many additions to its catalog with a new series that will tell about Ella’s life when she returns to school with a whole new perspective and excitement for what the future brings. With her best friend by her side, she is ready to tackle everything she was afraid of before.


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