Cricut limits the use of its crafting machines with a monthly subscription

Cricut machines offer an automated and customizable way to speed up the precise cutting needed in craft projects, but the capabilities of these machines will soon be limited due to the upcoming update. Krekut updates the software that accompanies the hardware, Design Space, with restrictions on downloads that may limit the number of projects Cricut owners can complete.

To get Cricut ready for cutting, you’ll need to use pre-made templates or upload original designs to an app called Design Space. It used to be free and unlimited for all users, but Cricut now limits users to 20 free downloads per month. To download more, owners will soon need to sign up for Cricut’s Access Standard plan for $9.99 per month / $95.88 per year or the Premium Access plan for $118.88 per year.

Anything previously uploaded can stay in Design Space without any changes or restrictions, but it’s important to understand that to use modern Cricut you need to use Design Space to some degree. And the Cricut machines themselves could cost between $179 and $399, before a possible subscription.

A Cricut Explore Air 2, one of many Cricut machines that require Design Space.
Photo: Krikuto

In its simplest form, Design Space is needed to upload designs created in other apps so that they can be formatted to work with Cricut devices. For example, you can load a paper flower design created in Adobe Illustrator or a logo drawn in Procreate so that the Cricut machine knows where to cut regardless of the material used, be it paper, fabric, vinyl, or even wood. Design Space works as a design program on its own, but subscribing makes it even more premium, with access to exclusive fonts, images, and designs. Even with an optional subscription for more features, many users still choose to create their work elsewhere and only use Design Space to prepare before cutting.

Now, with this new download limit, a subscription is required to resume the functionality the original designers bought Cricuit for: Create as many projects as needed, the only limit is the material, rather than any number determined by a software update .

Far from the eternally scary reality that companies can limit the potential of a product it “has” afterwards, many Cricut owners have reached out the edge About a more obvious problem: projects can often require multiple downloads, which can make reaching the 20 download limit faster. This could be due to user error or a complex project that requires multiple parts, but for anyone using Cricut in their business, it means it’s entirely possible to force them into a subscription if they have a normal level of productivity. want to keep.

In a statement filed with the edgeKrekott said he remains committed to his plan and “creates the best possible experience for” [its] People “:

Cricut has announced changes to our Design Space program, including new Offset and Project Collection features, as well as an update to Personal Downloads, limiting image and design downloads to 20 per month for members who do not have a Cricut Access subscription. All users can still design and crop regardless of the downloads. Cricut remains committed to creating the best possible experience for our members and we will continue to support our community of creators as a top priority.

And the reaction to Krekot’s planned change is also bubbling up on the company’s unofficial subreddit. Cricut users have shared the contact information of Cricut employees and launched the petition to protest the impending update. Cricut says it will ask users to sign up for Design Space in the coming weeks until the download limit goes into effect on an unspecified date.

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