Crypto letters of March 15, 2022

  • Important things happened in European Parliament Monday, March 14, 2022. What if it was just the future of Bitcoin in Europe that was at stake? A look back at this day that kept all crypto and Bitcoin supporters in suspense …
  • Bitfarme, a company active in bitcoin mining, announced the purchase of land and a facility in Canada. The purchased land is located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, and according to a press release issued by the company, it is to be used to replace one of the other facilities the company has in the country.
  • 82% of funds locked in decentralized finance (TVL) are held on 5 chains and within 21 different DeFi protocols. Each of these blockchains offers different types of DeFi protocols such as decentralized exchange platforms (DEX) and lending apps that allow people to designate their finances in different ways.
  • The digital payment company blockled by the founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey has announced that his next hardware wallet will include a fingerprint sensor along with additional access methods.
  • Within 24 hours after launch in the marketplace for digital collectibles Veve, 54,995 pieces of Disney Pixar Pals NFT Collection have found individuals. We find characters and emblematic moments created by the Pixar animation studios, including Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear or even the house for the movie Up.
  • The music platform Glue thread announced that they had chosen blockchain Algorand (ALGO) for its previously mentioned marketplace for digital collectibles.
  • FTX Europethe newly established European unit for the crypto exchange FTX, received a license to operate in Dubai. Thanks to this license, the exchange will be able to test cryptocurrency derivatives for institutional investors. The license comes a week after Dubai announced the creation ofVirtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA), which will be responsible for managing the crypto sector.
  • Binance has obtained a crypto asset provider from Bahrain’s central bank. This is the first license of this type within Gulf Cooperation Council (CCG), the company and the bank said Tuesday.

“Bahrain’s license is an important step on our journey towards full licensing and regulation worldwide,” said Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao.

  • DeusFinance was hacked according to data from PeckShield, where the attacker successfully stole about $ 3 million in DAI and Ethereum (ETH). The blockchain security firm explained that the hack was due to a flash manipulation of a price oracle.

“That Metaverse College is the first higher education institution dedicated to promising professions in the world and a member of the Collège de Paris. The school will open its doors in September 2022 in the Grande Arche de la Défense, in the heart of Europe’s leading business district, a privileged ecosystem to follow the technological development of the major players in the French and international economy. .

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