Dagens NFT: ylzclk – “The birth of art # 170”

It’s September 10th, and this is our traditional “NFT of the day” column, where we tell you about the digital works of art that are probably not trendy, but are quite deep and deserve to be appreciated. .

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Does the artist’s creation have a soul? And if so, is it something original? Or is it just a visual reflection of the author’s soul?

The questions are deep and for some partially incomprehensible. However, I think few people dispute that certain images, even made by virtuoso artists, evoke no emotional reaction from the viewer. And at the same time, others, sometimes more careless in their presentation, are able to burn into your memory for hours or even days.

By speaking of the soul, I am not referring to the mysterious immaterial substance, which is generally believed to be the origin of human life, personality, immortal essence, or self-consciousness. I’m talking about the mysterious energy one feels in works that sometimes seem to last forever. It is said of these works that the artist has put all his energy and his hope.

From my own experience, I can say with certainty that the soul of the authors lives inside artistic texts. It hides behind the thoughts and actions of their characters. These experiences that we are talking about, or on the contrary, are deliberately hidden by the characters in that story. But is it the same for paintings?

I’m sure, yes. And I invite you to see it for yourself by considering the creation to which we have decided to dedicate this edition.

ylzclk – “The birth of art # 170”

We said we will try not to waste your time with NFTs that are part of the mass series. But even though today’s non-fungible token is part of a huge collection, I can not say that it is a mass object.

“The birth of art # 170” by OpenSea user as ylzclk is an abstraction on the subject of the birth of a painting. And to say that this creation is a true delight to the eyes is to say nothing.

If the feeling of pleasure has a visual representation, it is. In a single small image on the screen of your laptop, you can see a completely unlimited, chaotic and yet harmonious universe.

This is a picture. What is it? A person? A soul? A butterfly? The vast expanse of the cosmos? Does the answer to this question really matter? Everyone is likely to see in this NFT something known only to them. Something their own.

This work conveys no factual information, yet it literally pulsates with emotion and fascinates for a long time.

Today’s non-fungible token became the user’s creation “The birth of art # 170” as ylzclk.

A remarkable work in every respect that simply charms.

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