Did Cobie Smulders (Robin) easily agree to return to the How I Met Your Mother spin-off?

To everyone’s surprise, Robin Scherbatsky, played by the excellent Cobie Smulders, made his comeback How I met your fatherspin-off of How I met your mother.

How I met your father offered a nice surprise to fans of How I met your mother ! If this entertaining new series – the first season of which is available on the Disney streaming platform+, and that a second was ordered with a change – distilled many flashes over the episodes, she really surprised with the finale. In fact, Robin Scherbatsky, played by Cobie Smulders, appeared in fiction and gave sage advice on relationships with Sophie (Hilary Duff). Advice that applies not only to Sophie’s predicament with Jesse, but also to Robin’s own love affair, which is still ongoing. In 2022, she is six years away from marrying Barney and eight years from resuming her relationship with Ted. But why was Robin chosen and not another character from the original series to appear in this spin-off?

Why it was important for Robin (Cobie Smulders) to return to How I met your father ?

To know all the ins and outs of this top-secret return, the American site TVLine spoke with the creators of How I met your fatherIsaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, as well as director and executive producer of How I met your mother, Pam Fryman, who continues to take on both of these roles in the spin-off. “We had discussions about who we should bring back and when it should happen. We hope to be there for a while and we hope to see a lot of old actors [de How I Met Your Mother, ndlr], but we would not hurry. Cobie fit right into the story we told“Pam Fryman revealed. And Elizabeth Berger added:”While Sophie navigates her romantic journey and tries to assert herself, we loved the idea of ​​her crossing paths with someone so important and present in the original series. The thought that she could benefit from Robin’s advice and feedback seemed extremely exciting to us.“.

IN How I met your fatherRobin is between two love affairs at this point

Despite the busy schedule for Cobie Smulders (who had cancer as a 25-year-old), the actress was immediately ready to resume her role in a few minutes. “She immediately said yes. She was busy. She did not hesitate. She has so much love for Robin. We had this idea that she would be kind of … handing over the torch and giving some wisdom to the next generation, and I think she really liked the idea of ​​that dynamic with Hilary, ”Explained Pam Fryman and Isaac Aptaker. Regarding Robin and where she is in her life at the time of her appearance in How I met your fatherElizabeth Berger clarified: “Although Robin is between romances at this point, she does not seem sad, she does not seem depressed. She is a woman who is extremely comfortable with the choices she has made in life. She takes every step of her life and kicks it in the ass.

How I met your father : sis this the original setting of MacLaren’s Pub?

While Robin’s return is obviously a big moment for fans of the original series, the season 1 finale is off How I met your father also offered another surprise: MacLarens Pub. A very important place for the faithful viewers of How I met your mother. But besides, was it the original design of the MacLaren? “It was the original set … but our production design and scenography team had to do some pretty heroic work because the only thing really left were the walls and the cabins. They had all these stock photos of the original set [pour travailler dessus]and this decor is quite complicated – there are murals and photos everywhere – and they had to recreate all that“, Confirmed Isaac Aptaker.

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