Here it all begins: Five characters we love to hate

If they were not there, the lives of the characters in the soap opera “Here It All Begins” would be peaceful. They manipulate, conspire, blackmail. But what would the series be without them? Back to the department’s five grades, which we love to hate.

Broadcast since 2 November 2020 on TF1, the soap opera Here it all begins takes place at the Auguste Armand Institute, where students are trained with the aim of becoming great star chefs.

Since the first episode, many intrigues have disrupted the school. And it is often the same grades that are responsible for the misfortunes of all other students or teachers. Essential characters that we love to hate and without whom the series would not be the same …

Emmanuel Teyssier

Fabien Malot / ITC / TF1

Emmanuel Teyssier (Benjamin Baroch), director of the Auguste Armand Institute, is far from a teacher who listens to his students. From the beginning of the series, he tyrannizes Noémie (Lucia Passaniti) and then continues with other students like Jasmine (Zoi Severin) or Anaïs (Julie Sassoust). We must also remember that the pastry teacher is behind Amandine Delprat’s suicide (Geraldine Riviere), central to one of the series’ early story lines. There should not be many students left who have not dealt with him …
If Teyssier can sometimes go too far, he was a real mentor to Maxime Delcourt (Clement Remiens) and helped him develop as a chef. Despite his cold and demanding temperament, he does everything to ensure that his students achieve the best. And what would be then This is where it all starts without the character’s sharp lines?

Louis Guinot


Louis Guinot (Fabian Wolfrom) is always looking for revenge. It must be admitted that he experienced a couple of betrayals, such as Salomé Dekens (Aurelie Pons) and Maxime, who greatly shaped the future of the character. Louis is driven by the urge to get others to pay and will not stop at anything, even go so far as to try to get them thrown out of the institute or steal recipes to be the best. But can we really blame him?
Admittedly, he has a very stubborn and proud temperament, but we must admit that this character tends to lose those who are dear to him. The woman he loves, his father, his hospitalized mother, Louis is not really the luckiest in life. His real problem is that nothing can justify him when he wants to hurt others. If he was just less stubborn …

Tom Azem


There has been a lot of talk about Tom (Tom Darmon) in a very short time. Upon his arrival, the influencer does not leave some of the girls of the department indifferent. Attracted by Salomé, he kisses her while recording a video, but their relationship ends there. He then begins a relationship with Ambre (Claire Romain), which does not last long. For in all this story, the heartbreaker forgot to tell them that he already had a girlfriend: Florence (Fanny Gilles).

It’s very difficult to find excuses for Tom, especially after what he did to Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka) by posting his private videos on social networks. Admittedly, his harassment from an internet user was painful, but he ended up reproducing this pattern with Hortense, knowing what consequences it would have … It will take time for the others to forgive him. And also the United States.

Charlene Teyssier


Charlene (Pola Petrenko) takes a lot from his father. Revenge, lies, harassment, she uses more than dubious means against her comrades. The young woman has already attacked other students at the department, including Hortense and Celia (Rebecca Benhamour). Out of jealousy, she did not hesitate to create a fake escort profile for Hortense, which ruined her reputation in the process. As for Célia, she harassed her with Marta (Sarah Fitri) to get him to pay for his love affair with his brother Theo (Khaled Alouach).
In short, Emmanuel Teyssier’s daughter has not always made the right choices. But all of this certainly also hints at a great fragility that we discovered when she became addicted to botox injections. If Charlène often seems confident in herself, the young woman is complex and seeks “perfection”. The student is not nearly as strong as she claims to be, which somehow makes her endearing. We therefore want her to have more confidence in her in the future.

Amber Martin


Like Tom, the arrival of Amber (Claire Romain) in the soap opera had the effect of a bomb. Her goal of becoming a member of the institute: to take revenge on Maxime, whom she holds responsible for the harassment of her sister Jade (Léa Zerbib) when they were 15 years old. For her plan, she charms the cook apprentice and makes Salome jealous until their relationship is in jeopardy. After sleeping with him, Ambre voluntarily posts a compromising picture of her on social networks, blaming Maxime.

It’s very hard to forgive Amber for divorcing the main couple from Here it all begins. But apart from this intrigue, the young woman is a very good friend, especially to Célia.

Lately, the polyamorous has experienced a heavy sentimental disappointment. In a relationship with Solal (Benjamin Douba Paris) for a long time, Ambre begins to have feelings for Tom, which does not please her boyfriend, who does not appreciate her. Eventually, she decides to separate from the two young men, who do not really accept her way of life. We therefore want him to find love.

find This is where it all starts Monday to Friday at 18.30 on TF1 and on Salto.

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