Marie Myriam terminated her pregnancy after the betrayal of Patrick Sébastien

After winning the “Eurovision” competition trophy in 1977, Marie Myriam became a great artist. But her personal life was not as successful as her musical career.

Several years ago, Marie Myriam had a complicated love affair with Patrick Sébastien. While she was pregnant with their child, the singer learned terrible news that made her part with the comedian.

Later, it was with another man that she found love. However, he also tragically lost his life.

Marie Miriam. | Source: Getty Images


Like most celebrities, Marie Myriam has also had dark times in her life, despite her success. And the one that impressed the singer the most is her story with Patrick Sébastien, who was her great love.

Marie was 20 years old, while the actress was 24 and was already the father of a child when they were a couple. At the time, there was crazy love between them. Even if it means wanting to unite for life. But fate decided otherwise.

In fact, as the interpreter of the song “The Bird and the Child” in Ici Paris had confided, the director had been unfaithful to him several years ago when she was pregnant with their child. .

Engagement of Marie Myriam and Patrick Sebastien in France in March 1978. | Source: Getty Images

Unable to support this, Marie Myriam made the decision to terminate her pregnancy before ending her love affair with Patrick.

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If the winner of “Eurovision” in 1977 suffered from his relationship with Patrick Sébastien, the latter would also have had great difficulty in supporting their separation. Moreover, because he wanted to save their love, he asked the singer in marriage for their argument, but in vain.

Very much in love, the actor had also tried to convince his buddy to keep their child.

Singer Marie Myriam poses during a portrait session in Paris, France, 05/03/2017. | Source: Getty Images

Unfortunately, everything he said or did to keep Marie by his side was for nothing. Desperate, he then tried to take his own life to end his pain.

“The decision to have an abortion was one of the worst in my life. Patrick, who wanted to keep the child, tried to commit suicide when I told him I was leaving him.



Marie Miriam.

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“I could not get pregnant … I was traumatized”

After their breakup, Marie Myriam and Patrick Sébastien each lived their lives on their own. For his part, the interpreter of “He Who Goes Away” has found love in the arms of Michel Elmosnino.

Marie Myriam will perform at the Arena in Geneva, Switzerland on October 20, 2007. | Source: Getty Images

However, their life as a couple has not been the happiest. In fact, even though her husband was a man who loved and supported her, the singer failed to heal the wound she was holding inside.

“I took a very long time to recover (…) with Michel, I could not get pregnant (…) I was traumatized”,

she confided in an interview.

Sore age and wooden heads – Marie Myriam study in Geneva, Switzerland on October 20, 2007. | Source: Getty Images

But despite this adversity, the two dwarf parrots still managed to fulfill the artist’s dream of becoming a mother, for later, in 1982 and 1990, they welcomed a girl and a boy named Laureen and Richard.


Marie Myriam celebrated her 65th birthday on Sunday 2022. A year that especially marks her 45-year career, celebrated with the release of a double souvenir album entitled “Anthologie 1977-1983”.

Marie Myriam on the set of the show “Les Grands du Rire”. | Source: Getty Images

But if the singer is back, she would not yet be ready to meet her audience on stage. And with good reason? It turns out that the French winner of “Eurovision” has bad memories of his last show.

These include her concert in 2014, which took place shortly after she lost her husband, Michel Elmosnino, who tragically died of a heart attack. A difficult period that she remembered in Télé-Loisir’s columns on 5 May 2022.

“I had forgotten to cancel (my concert) and I had to do it (…) I cried and the public started crying. It was very difficult for me to resume. I do not get paid to get people to cry on stage. “

she remembered.

Marie Myriam at Eurovision 1977. | Photo: Getty Images

Despite this decision, however, Marie Myriam is not closed to the idea of ​​returning to the front of the stage.

“I would need a really special project for me to accept”,

she said before adding:

“You remain an artist all your life until the end!”

Marie Myriam at Eurovision 1977. | Photo: Getty Images


In December 2013, the interpreter of the song “The Bird and the Child” lost her husband and father to her children, after 34 years of marriage. A loss that was unbearable for the singer.

But if she has gradually managed to regain the taste for life, it is because her grandchildren have supported her a lot and helped her overcome this difficult ordeal that she entrusted in 2015 to Figaro.

7 years after his death, artists from the “Age Tendre & Têtes de Bois” tour pay tribute to C. Jérôme I Nancy, France June 7, 2007 – Marie Myriam. | Source: Getty Images

It should also be noted that the singer occupied her mind by writing a book, “La fille du Ribatejo”, published this year by the L’archipel edition.

Despite this, grief remains complicated for her.

“Since my husband Michael’s death, I’ve been a robot. Writing my book has occupied my mind, but I’re not healed yet,”

she told TV Mag.

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