10 best new dating apps

After the shocking revelations appeared in The Tinder scammer, people trying their hand at romance and dating, intend to look at other apps to meet singles in their areas. The act of swiping has now become outdated and uninteresting, but luckily developers everywhere have taken it upon themselves to take dating to the next level.

This means that the last two years have seen an increase in new great apps that people can find love, with different and interesting rooms to immerse themselves in. Whether it’s just finding love on a Thursday, only use video to express yourself or enrich existing ties between people, these new dating apps have it all.


Fatigue in dating apps is real, and Thursday aims to combat it by keeping its virtual doors open for just one day – the titular Thursday. Thursday’s founders believe the world spends too much time on dating apps, allowing users to swipe and send messages the day after which all messages disappear.

This app, which is for members only, keeps things real and also has great events for singles to meet, flirt and match. The time limit and the elusive nature of this app make it exciting to use.

Sparks – The Relationships app

Iconic movie couples make love easy, but reality strikes quite differently. Any relationship is bound to hit the dreaded crisis, and this is where Sparks comes in. The self-proclaimed “anti-dating dating app” helps improve existing relationships by eliminating tedious decision-making and introducing ideas for appointments and events that can be booked through the app itself.

For people in long-term relationships who want to keep the first spark intact, this app is a must-have. After all, dating is not just about meeting new people, it’s about keeping the best.


Briefly for Power of Music, POM stays real by matching people based on their musical tastes and a few meaningful questions that the app asks users. For people who are past the endless cycle of card ironing and love music, this app is the way to find a partner or friend.

He imports his music library, asks the questions and creates an authentic profile based on these two factors. Perfect for lovers of all genres, using the app sounds like the start of a great musical movie.


Abbreviations seem to be the way to go, and Hey I Like You, or HILY, is no exception to the norm. In the era of Reels and Tik Toks, it was only a matter of time before dating apps also transitioned to a completely video-based ecosystem. HILY encourages users to post lots of stories, videos, comments and likes, and AI starts matching them based on their interests.

Much like social networking for dating, HILY keeps users engaged but also continues to introduce them to other people of their kind. Icebreakers and video dates are also a matter of course.


Robyn Exton, the founder of the queer dating platform HERE, used her own bad experience with dating giants like Tinder and Bumble to create a safe and respectful space for queer and transgender people to be themselves and find love freely.

LGBTQ + women are the target audience and they can use the app in several ways. Finding partners, posting likes and chat queries is one thing and the other is the social network that keeps them updated with queer-friendly events they can attend for fun and dating.


Today’s dating app users are looking for “something more” than just superficial swipes and dates, and S’more gives them just that. Pictures can be updated as usual on the platform, but matches can not see these pictures unless there has been a real connection between the two.

This means that as the fights continue, the footage of their dates fades more and more until they can see each other completely. It’s a great way for people to bond emotionally instead of being seduced by an overly filtered image.


Much like Bumble, Pickable allows women to run the show safely and also anonymously until they choose to stand out. They are free to browse men’s profiles and send them a match request with a selfie only then, and not before.

There’s no need to upload photos and panic about abusing photos or running into the annoying desktop guy on the app. The ladies hold all the cards and reveal them as they please.

Jungle Dating

This app goes a step further for those who insist on creating personal dates (who doesn’t?) And allows people to also create double or group dates with celebrities. only new bands to keep things light, laid back, and windy.

It works according to the “the more the better” philosophy, because if the date does not succeed, the user at least had a good night on the town and met other new people, which means it is still a win.

Victoria app

Exclusivity is exciting for many, and when creativity gets involved, it provides a great combination. Victoria The App connects other creatives to explore the worlds of art, fashion and culture, and they can take things to the next level by using the networking and dating features.

It’s easy to find a friend and lover here, and the app keeps things fresh by holding events where personal meetings will be possible for matches.

The Sauce: Dating-app

Another app based on Reel and Tik Tok, The Sauce makes it catchy and fun by completely removing photos and only allowing videos on the app. This allows users to assess body language and chemistry with a potential match much better and earlier to avoid wasted time.

Chemistry is very important in dating, and The Sauce helps assess it early. It’s a really new time app if there ever was one.

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