Autopsy of a clash: Spice Girls between strife, separation and reconciliation

Their first single set the tone. In “Wannabee,” the Spice Girls claimed that friendships last forever. Twenty-five years after the release of the title, Geri, Victoria, Mel B, Mel C and Emma can attest to this. Despite each individual’s individual hopes, the five English women have never drawn a line under their relationship and have forcibly overcome the many hardships that have marked their journey. Return.

May 1998: Geris’ sudden departure

Lightning. Four years after the formation of the Spice Girls, Geri Halliwell decides to jump off the ship. While the group gives a concert in Oslo, Ginger Spice does not go on stage. It is explained that she is ill, but her irrevocable decision falls a few days later in a press release: “This is a message to the fans. It is with sadness that I confirm that I have left the Spice Girls. This is due to differences between us I’m sure the band will continue to be successful and I wish them good luck. I have no immediate plans. I would like to apologize to the fans and thank them and everyone who stood by my side. Much love, Geri PS: I’m coming back.The message is embarrassing and goes bad while the group is in the middle of a world tour.

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What are these irreconcilable differences that force Ginger Spice to flee? In the press, there is a power struggle in the group between Geri Halliwell and Mel B. In 2014, the latter will say in an interview with Larry King: “When Geri left the group, it was really not cool. She left on my birthday and did not tell anyone. She just did not show up. We had the concerts in the American part of the trip to do. Geri Halliwell ends up speaking in a book. The singer with glowing hair will explain that she suffered from bulimia during the group’s two years of success, especially due to the pressure, which was difficult to deal with. She will also discuss tensions during a TV interview in 2016: “Of course there were some fights in the group. And I thought, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore.'” It was a bit like, “You make me mad, and I know not how I should discuss it so I turn up. “” Three years later, the singer in the “Union Jack” dress will go solo and swap her iconic red color for a blonde bob. A way to flip the “Spice Girls” page? Not really.

The division in 2001

From the announcement of Geri Halliwell’s departure, it is rumored that the Spice Girls will not survive. In November 2000, however, Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm and Emma Bunton released a third album, “Forever”. A nice success even though the different members of the group are starting to dream of a solo career. It’s getting harder to find time for the promotion of Spice Girls, and inevitably the news ends up breaking out: The girls go on “indefinite break”. An ending that Mel C will have a hard time digesting. At the “Paris Match” she confided: “The thing is, the group never officially stopped. It was a series of crucial moments that turned things around, and the first thing was when Geri left. We were shocked, angry, disappointed. Besides, we thought, she would come back. I want to tell you about a secret: behind the scenes there were several departures, but they always came back! So we thought she was too. Especially since we were on world tour. The timing was awful. That was the beginning of the end ”.

While she goes solo, Mel C is the subject of much criticism. An episode of her life that will deeply affect her, to which she returns several years later in an interview with the Guardian: “When I had lows in my career, it was terribly hard. I was vulnerable and the tabloids were cruel and heartless.It made me sick […] I struggled with eating disorders and suffered from depression. »

A trip without Victoria Beckham

Twenty years ago the Spice Girls announced their separation, and not a year goes by without rumors of a possible reformation of the group not seeing the light of day. And they will eventually come true: in 2007, first for a new album, “Greatest Hits” and a world tour, then in 2012 during the closing ceremony of the London Olympics and for the launch of the musical “Live Forever”. In 2018, the group announced a series of six dates in the UK. The only downside? Victoria Beckham is not one of them. In an interview with the German edition of “Vogue”, she explained: “Saying no requires courage. Not getting back on stage with the Spice Girls took a lot out of me. Being the one who says,” I do not want to because things seems too different to me than they did before. “I prefer to focus on my family and my business.” Some fans actually criticize the stylist for standing out. But his former colleagues do not seem to hold it against him. Geri Halliwell will say: “I spoke to her before the announcement and she had said for years that she would not do this anymore so we knew. She just did not want to. She is busy with fashion and she has moved on. We support her, she has been an important part of our lives and we love her so it’s all good. »

Mel B’s intimate confidences

A few months before the start of the Spice Girls tour, an amazing revelation will darken the relationship between the members of the group. Mel B, who is invited on the set for “Piers Morgan’s Life Stories”, is asked about the rumors that give her a more than friendly relationship with Geri Halliwell. The star first responds with a silence before declaring: “She had amazing breasts”. “Did you do that?” Then the presenter insists. But that is a fact. It happened, we just laughed, and that was it. “A confession that does not last. In a statement, Geri Halliwell denies Mel B’s comments: “It is very disappointing to read these rumors, especially on this Mother’s Day. […] She wants fans to know that what was recently reported is just not true and it was very hurtful for her family. She is moving forward and looking forward to seeing the girls and fans on the tour, having a wonderful time with everyone and creating new memories. Scary Spice is annoyed by this statement: “She thinks she’s making a lie out of her. She said to me, ‘It’s almost like she’s trying to erase our story,” a source will tell “Mirror.” The years go by, the strife persists.Also votes.The various members of the group meet regularly for the big occasions that mark each individual life, such as weddings or birthdays.Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell in particular were both present at the big party that was held of Brooklyn Beckham, son of Victoria Beckham, for his 21st birthday.

2022, the year of the return of “Spice Mania”?

On May 4, Mel B went to Buckingham Palace. In a lavish living room, the former member of the group received rank as a member of the British Empire from Prince Williams’ hands. For this important day to reward her fight against domestic violence, Melanie Brown had chosen to wear an orange-red dress signed Victoria Beckham. A detail for you? That’s not the case. In a few days, Elisabeth II will celebrate her platinum anniversary, and it is rumored that the Spice Girls have received an invitation to perform at the event. Would not this dress be the warning of return, this time in full, for the iconic group of the 90s? Some fans want to believe it. They will receive the answer in early June.

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