Delphine Wespiser takes a new step with her treasure after their park crisis

This Wednesday, May 11, Delphine Wespiser has both surprised and delighted her admirers. She was very happy as a couple for several years and posted a picture of all her smiles along with her dear and tender. In the legend, she reveals to have taken a new step with the latter.

Delphine Wespiser spins the perfect love with an older man

Delphine Wespiser has shared her life with Roger Erhart for several years. There are 26 years between the lovers, but they seem to spin the perfect love. Of course, they suffered a lot from criticism, but that did not hurt their relationship. In fact, Delphine and Roger are very happy and they do not hesitate to share their joy with their fans.

On Wednesday, May 11, Miss France 2012 posted a photo of her, accompanied by her loved ones and sore, in her Instagram story. The smiles of the dwarf parrots reveal all the love that unites them. This snapshot was not published at random. In fact, Delphine Wespiser took the opportunity to unveil this famous milestone that her couple recently crossed. ” 6 years of soul association “, She announces in the caption.

Since the beginning of her relationship with Roher Erhart, the beauty queen has had to face some criticism. In fact, internet users were not pale in expressing their opinion on this matter, which arouses curiosity. Delphine is now 30 years old, while the man of her life is 56 years old. Despite this age difference, the beautiful confirmed to be very fond of Roger. It was during his appearance on the program “50 Minutes Inside” that aired in March 2022. ” You really have to understand that everyone does what they want with their lives. she exclaimed before talking about her meeting with the man who is also her sports coach. ” I can say I fell in love while running. For it is true that before he came together he said to me ‘This afternoon you would not like to come and jog with friends in all good honor“. Love therefore knocked on the door without warning for the former Miss France, who makes sure to live absolute happiness with the man of her life!

A relationship that was finally well accepted by Delphine’s family

Unfortunately, we do not know much about the companion to Miss France 2012. This entrepreneur met his beauty in a nightclub. He approached her and then invited her to celebrate her birthday a few days later. When Roger told her her age, Delphine thought it was a joke because she gave him much less. Eventually, the dwarf parrots quickly fell in love. However, the young woman told “Gala” that she was not comfortable with couples with a marked age difference. ” Before I met Roger, I had a friend who was dating an older man, and I used to prefer him a bit. But I understood by living it that we can not actually explain everything. Especially not in love. There are no codes, no rules: we love each other, and that’s it. »

On his family’s part, it has not been easy. Her parents were initially shocked by this unexpected relationship. Today, they know their daughter’s boyfriend well and get along really well with him. The couple visits them regularly and the atmosphere is relaxed. Charles and Marthe have proven tolerant, Roger is actually part of their family now.

As for Delphine, she discovered many things with her older buddy. Both share the same passions: life in the open air, running and adventure. In addition, the dwarf parrots travel a lot. Some admirers even began to hope for the arrival of a baby! Initially, Roger was not into this adventure, but it seems that his encounter with Delphine Wespiser gave him the desire for fatherhood. On this topic, the young woman also confided in the magazine “Gala” a few months ago: ” It comes without a doubt. But at the moment I am fully in my professional projects and I still have plenty of time to consider motherhood … »

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